Anyone take lamictal?

At this point i think antidepressants make me suicidal. Ive been on depakote and ate lots of food. It would be nice if i wasnt desperate depressed and lonely all the time. I might ask doctor about lamictal after trying strattera and wellbutrin and getting suicidal depressed off those. Ive needed something for motivation and so i dont have this desperate for friends feeling

I’ve been on lamictal since like 2011 or 2012. It initially really helped with my depression and even some motivation (i.e. I started cleaning my room frequently to the point where I told my doctor that and he said, that’s the lamictal). I also take Prozac, but I think I’m completely tolerant to the Prozac after so many years, so the depression relief was likely due to the new prescription for lamictal.

I’m sorry you are terribly lonely. That sucks. I hope you can meet people to hang out with whose company you enjoy!

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Yeah i have my roommate but he says stuff like only thing he likes about me is when my rent check comes makes me even more lonely

lamictal is really good it really helped with my depression and made my mood swings better. I love it i have been on it since 2015 i am on 100 mg

Do you think it could help me feel really sad?

ya i think it could cheer you up it has for me i used to be always down and it brightned up my day

Thats definitely what i need. Does it give you motivation?

Also does it help with anxiety

it does help alittle for motivation it hasnt helped me out alot but it did make me want to go outside and not be by myself. It didnt really help with anxeity maybe it will with you

I was on lamictal for a while, it mad me wired and amped up.

My anxiety was to the roof on it and it made me cycle (hypomania)

Everyone is different, I just happen to be sensitive to meds, especially activating ones.

Lamictal has really helped me get out of a deep depression. Im on 150mg since like Dec and I think I’m just now really getting back to my old self again. I have motivation to exercise and study for a big test coming up. My bf saw results of it within a month of taking it although I didnt but they say others see the changes before you do, like I was smiling more. Its also helped in the bedroom, along with the wellbutrin I’m on. Not sure about anxiety because I have this test on Monday that affects the future of my career. So I’ve been anxious for months over school and the nxclex.