Oh so sad today



sorry you are feeling sad, i just lit up the sky with five thousand fireworks in your honour, hope you feel better soon.
take care


darksith you are the best! Thank you


Sorry you’re having a down day @Wave. I hope tomorrow kicks off a better week for you!


Hi Wave, I’ve been a little out of the loop lately, but did you have your doctors appointment - I think you were going to discuss tweaking or changing your meds?

My son and I both take 5-HTP – have you ever tried that? It does help improve our moods.

Hope you get to feeling better:)


Hi @lovemyson I am a very rapid mood cycler - I swing into deep depressions to mania or hypomania within a span of a few hours. I could wake up and be on top of the world, or I could wake up irritable or depressed, then in a few hours my moods will switch again. My doctor lowered my Lamictal dose down from 75mg to 50 mg - I had a bunch of days that were smooth sailing, yesterday I was irritable in the morning and then crashed into a deep depression for the rest of the day. My doctor is monitoring my moods, i see her in less than 2 weeks.
Lamictal is supposed to help with depression, and stabilize my moods, but if it is not doing its job, she may add on another mood stabilizer on board - I have heard of 5-HTP but I cannot take supplements as they could accelerate the cycling in me - but thank you for your support :smiley:


I remember this song from long ago. I thought it was about me, but I had no one to care about me.

Med changes are hard. It’s too bad you have to wait 2 weeks before an adjustment. Maybe the smooth sailing will come back for awhile.


you’ll be fine Rob. You’ve been through ups and downs, ups and downs I cant really imagine, as I dont have bipolar disorder. You will come out alright. Maybe you need to go back to 75mg of Lamictal. And good thing you arent popping 5-HTP, I have some friends who do that. They were like “you want a serotonin pill?” and pulled out a bottle that said 5 HTP on it and I was like “No, that ■■■■ will make me hear voices”.

Dumbass kids using it to help the comedown from their highs. It was at a big wild party where I went around with my 2.5 liter water bottle hydrating drunks and helping them puke. I drove two people. I swear everyone there was high or drunk, a few of my friends took three hits of pure MDMA and they were acting way too empathetic and talkative.


I’m sorry you’re feeling sad today, Wave. My day hasn’t been going well either. I’m trying to shake it off of me. I just don’t know what’s with today. I hope things look up for us.


I’m also sad today. My eight year old nephew called me a loser because I work part time at a doughnut shop. :doughnut: :cry:

The kid lives in basically a mansion in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. Sticks his nose down on his peasant HUD aunt.


Hi Wave~~
Dont no whats going on with all everyone, but Im also sad today. I love Cat Stevens---and this song. Hope were all feeling better by days end


i hope every sad and depressed person feels better soon. All of you are such a great support system - Wishing every person on this site well :sunny:


That would make me sad too. And I think, sad for the kid.


I hope tomorrow is better than today for you.


I felt a bit of that yesterday it’s finally washed away from me and I’m starting to feel normal again.


I love doughnuts, that makes you royalty in my book!


You are not a loser, this is for certain. I am having a difficult time myself connecting to my nephew - He is brainwashed by his greedy and snobby mother, and I just cannot connect with him. He is starting to display his mothers traits, God help us all


Sorry you’re feeling bad, Wave. Also sorry to you @BakedBeans about your snobby nephew. Sorry for him and his parents too, as they must have pretty messed up values.