Aside from medication, what are some ways to combat depression?

Following a schedule is important. Having something to look forward to everyday.


exercise helps - i like taking walks to library (where i am now) and to shops. also having conversation over coffee with my husband. When i feel down he gives me a back scratch or a hug. having a pet is also therapeutic. I want to get another budgie again soon. listening to music is nice too

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Getting sunlight is good and physical exercise. I take d3 vitamin and lol it changed my depression?? So did Zoloft but I know you said no meds I’m just saying. But d3 is like the energy from the sun especially someone in Canada it may help. I just take 400 ug a day it’s changed my life. And walking a lot. Hikes. But can’t do that in the winter. Some people say energy light lamps but d3 is proven more effective. And it helps me all year long.

Vitamin d supplement?

@everhopeful posted an article that it was more effective then the lamp in the wintertime for seasonal effective disorder. Well in April I tried stopping it but i got bad mood symptoms even then. So I’m hooked on this I think I may have a deficiency and it’s definitely especially effective in wintertime but helps me all seasons it seems. My doctor said things like this can help depression. Maybe I’m wrong for recommending it considering it’s the summer equinox but it’s really helped me it’s been pretty surprising

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Doing things to break the monotony, but still having my days similarly structured

Making little events for yourself is helpful at least temporarily. I find it gets me through down days better knowing one day soon will be “special”.

Try to watch images of things that you like, it can be memories, photographs, art or anything that brings joy to your eyes, normally colourful brings happiness, may be. “Reshape” your mind, at least you can try.

A mood lamp is sometimes helpful. :monkey::monkey::monkey:

Find a good relationship with someone.

Get out and take a walk,

Its good for your body and mind.

A hobby or craft helps me a lot

Something that forces me to get out of bed.

I normally draw or play games though I’m starting to get into music again!!

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