Depression needs

What sustains me when I am depressed is other people, and having almost anything to do. This web community is my number one interest when I feel depressed. Thank you for your letters and feedback.
I was depressed yesterday but I feel better today.


I’ve found this place to be good to my mental health overall. It’s a nice crowd and ultimately peer counselling really does help those in need. And your one of those to continue that by helping out those who need it…Makes it all worthwhile.


Depression can be caused by many thing and not just situations. If it were just situations many would have died long back. Nutritional deficiencies can cause depression especially low zinc, vitamin b12, vitamin d etc. Low thyroid levels can cause depression. Lack of quality night sleep can cause depression. Too much time to think can cause depression so getting busy is not optional but necessity. In this way lot of things can contribute to depression.

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Yeah I agree. Having something to do to distract yourself is a good way to manage depression. I’m glad you find this site helpful. I do also. Happy to hear you’re telling a bit better today.

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I hope it continues to get better @Here4You

Depression sucks.


i agree to some of what the people mentioned here. different people deals with depression differently. and must be dealt quite a small difference for each person in case to case basis. person A routines might not totally work on person’s B live, due to character and needs differences. but there are quite a few main stream to follow things through, you just have to twig it or find an alternatives to certain routines. it’s quite about finding back a lifestyle that suits you yet is healthy for you both for your mind and body. or at a higher religious level maybe you can call it ZEN? i don’t know. but it is partly or maybe mainly to find back “yourself”. Be in peace with yourself so that your surroundings doesnt affects you at some point. So here are some points to apply in your life for depressed ones:

  1. exercise quite regularly (my colleague life dumbbells at home, but for me i walk around place and explore while carrying a rather heavy bag to add weigh)
  2. escape the environment which is causing your depressed form, (either mind or emotionally), maybe can try spending lesser time at the environment that is causing the pain?
  3. find true friends, people whom understands and yet accepts you as who you are, while correcting you at the right times. and they are the ones that doesn’t judge you nor label you.
  4. learn to protect yourself, don’t give others chance to hurt you. you hold this power in your hands, don’t give others the power over you.
  5. find extra help if you need like going to a social worker for more advise and help or emotional support, find more allies that stand with you spiritually and emotionally.
  6. Try to find what sleep patterns suits you, different people sleep time might varies.

good luck on life, life would always be better somehow for some people.

michael a.k.a lordarous


Yes distracted. I need learn that.

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Thanks for adding to the topic and filling out some of the details.

Depression is often caused by Serotonin issues. TMG produces SAMe used for methylation - one of the last steps in producing serotonin. Inositol (B8) helps balance seratonin and dopamine; therefore, anxiety and depression. 5-HTP is an amino acid, that your body makes from tryptophan, needed to produce serotonin.

The problem with serotonin is it have many physical side effects. Too much serotonin can cause heart valve issues. Also it can reduce dopamine and can create memory, sexual issues.

I think there are different classes of anti-depressant drugs that work by different mechanisms. I had depression for a while, and then when the doctor added a drug most of my depression went away. So I recommend to others to try some sort of AD medication.

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I have to say. I am becoming fond of this user base or community forum. It’s pleasant.

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