Does anyone suffer from morning depression? I think I do

I googled the signs and symptoms and treatment.

I’m pretty sure I suffer from it. I feel fine after 9pm but I start out the day feeling really really bad.

One treatment is a light box, normally used for S.A.D. apparently.

Does anyone else suffer from morning depression?


Not every day, but I do feel depressed on many mornings. I take a vitamin D3 supplement, every day, which has helped my mood, over time.

A sun lamp would help in a similar way. Have you tried a sun lamp? Amazon has some good ones for a decent price.

Also, being outside for at least 15 minutes per day has been shown to boost mood. Could you drink your morning coffee (or whatever you enjoy in the morning) outside? It’s starting to get cold, though, for lots of us. Going for a walk is good, too, just gotta bundle up in layers to stay warm.



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