Depression treated by Tianeptine sodium

Sorry for the wall of text, but I keep seeing posts about Tianeptine abuse and thought I’d share some info. Just as background: I’m a scientist, specializing in drug delivery, so I just thought I’d share some info reading some info on Tianeptine research and why you don’t need to be mega dosing.
Phenomenon: Tianeptine works as an antidepressant.

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Guys I played all the day.

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Is it like Sarcosine? Glycine etc? or something different?

I hope it continues to cure you

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When I was using sarcosine I was not mature enough so I couldn’t tell the difference. After using sarcosine a year or two went by and I took nootropics which upgraded my brain and now I can tell the difference.

Tianeptine sodium works perfectly.

I don’t remember sarcosine.

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Where can u get Tianeptine sodium? Is it a supplement or a vitamin? Does your doctor prescribe you this? Any side effects

i’m also interested too but first giving sarcosine a trial of 1 grams 3 times a day like pixel is doing

Here is the Wiki, prescription not available US apparently.

Tianeptine Wiki

Tianeptine is not prescribed by the doctor ? Why ?

I’m not using Tianeptine as a Depression medication.

Tianeptine is a nootropic and is sold online in USA

I wanted to order it but I don’t have money.

No prescription needed.

Then I posted in this forum and a friend/user replied that it is available in India too.

Then I told him I recently bought, for the first time medication online from the same website.

I thanked him and went to local pharmacy and went 5 shops and 5th shop owner asked me 100 rupees advance

and told me to come in the evening and I started taking

1 tablet morning

1 afternoon

1 evening

from next day and my depression was treated