Depression is a stone cold killer

I feel i don’t deserve to be apart of the forums since im only depressed with psychotic features but i have to say depression is awful. It even effects and disorganizes my formulation of thought especially with school. I don’t know how im gonna finish the semester, writing papers are a pain. Whats so weird was last semester if any of u remember was so positive for me. What happened is my biggest question right now. How does depression effect all of u? I just want these uncontrollable thoughts to stop and to feel good like i can get through this. I just wanna cry but theres no more tears left. And then when psychosis does hit its like a sledgehammer made of the most horrible ■■■■ ever. Y do we have to all suffer like this i wish i could be ok

I have depression and it is horrable also. Schizophrenia is worse for me though. I have been on an antidepressant for 20 years straight and wouldnt dare go off of it. I suggested that I go off of my antidepressant and my psychiatrists said I respond to it and should continue with it.

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Don’t worry about not belonging on this site. Depression with psychotic features is close enough.


What anti-depressant are u on and what r some noticeable effects? And thanks @crimby u all have made me feel like i belong no matter what i have or am.

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I am on Nortriptyline, it is a very old antidepressant which effacts serotonin and norepinephrine.

It helpes with sadness, suicidal thoughts, constant thoughts of death and hoplessnes and guilt and apathy.

I oversleep and am overwieght and my body will go through withdrawells when It was lowered just a bit.

Well it seems the benefits outweigh the negatives i might ask my psychiatrist about it.

The best thing to do with an essay (or at least my strategy) is to decide to work on it for an hour or two then stop. Return to it the next day and keep going. Maybe do a rough draft first. I hope you get through this okay. Remember to not feel guilty about taking breaks. You need breaks to function.

My aunt says for every hour of partying do two hours of studying.

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Some say use Nortriptyline with caution with schizophrenics. I am on a phenothizine as well, here is an abstract that says if a schizophrenic has clinical depression antidepressants may help.

This review surveys the therapeutic efficacy of tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors in schizophrenic patients. In general, the use of these drugs alone was found not to be warranted in schizophrenia, except perhaps in the so-called pseudoneurotic subgroup. In most cases, combinations of antidepressants and phenothiazines were not more beneficial than phenothiazines alone. In particular, the conditions of agitated patients and patients with histories of social deviance dating back to childhood were often made worse by the addition of an antidepressant. However, when the patients who demonstrated symptoms of clinical depression other than anergia were isolated from several of these studies, it was found that they constituted a subgroup that was often benefited by use of these
combinations. Favorable and unfavorable clinical response patterns are discussed, and recommendations for future research are outlined.

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@Kazuma im a little late to this thread but I’m curious as to what they prescribe for depression with psychotic features. Is it a mood disorder where the psychosis subsides after the depression goes away? or do you have to stay on atypicals for life?

I have no idea anymore. I don’t even really understand the diagnosis i just take the pulls they tell me to take and keep my mouth shut

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I was diagnosed with depression with psychotic features as well. The textbook definition is that it’s a mood disorder that includes psychosis during the episodes of depression…however I typically experience psychotic symptoms whether or not I am depressed…(which is why one pdoc believed I may be schizoaffective instead, but in reality schizoaffective disorder and psychotic depression are two sides of the same coin, if that makes sense) According to my therapist, people with psychotic depression also typically have higher levels of insight into their disorder as well, possibly due to not dealing with the same degree of cognitive decline/scrambling that schizophrenics deal with. Sadly not as much is known about psychotic depression compared to sz and it is only a small percentage of people with major depression that also experience psychotic symptoms.

Typical treatment is an antidepressant with an antipsychotic.


Depression for me is like waking up and immediately giving away half my energy. Drugs used to be a huge energy boost for me, but beside a handful of times I’ve quit for atleast 2 years. I’ve made the decision to not stay medicated for my own stupid reasons, but lately I’ve noticed “people” are slowly bringing me out of depression. Im slowly distancing myself from people who were bring me down and surrounding myself with those sincere good ones and naturely things have started to change. Im sorry to hear you struggling right now, but if your life isn’t where you want it… you have to make a change! I was in the military for awhile and I was depressed because I didn’t want to be there, so I quit and continued to do art because it makes be happier, even if life is harder right now.

Interesting and yet very confusing. Vi don’t know if I have psychotic depression schizoaffective or bipolar 1. It’s so hard to diagnose. I wish they would study some of largess lesser known conditions too. They cause tramemendous suffering.

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Im on wellbutrin zyprexa and lithium to answer ur question. Then they make me take antebuse to keep me from drinking. And i also use adderall if I go to school. Ive been a walking pharmacy the past 4 years of my life. Will i ever come off. I have no idea

Yea I can relate to that. I was on a high dose of geodon for like 9 months. It was a nightmare. Then the Doctor took me off that put me on latuda and lamictal, she mentioned adding lithium too. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Gotta find a way to get off the atypicals. They are hands down the worst medications on the planet. whats lithium like? Is it unbareable too?

No i don’t mind lithium really. I just hate having to swallow pills every day. I don’t know if they do anything really

That’s good to hear. I’m hoping I can trade the latuda for lithium. I guess it’s hard to say weather they help or not. They aren’t exact that’s for sure. But if they keep us out of the hospital or (from thinking that the CIA is after me) then I guess we should all take them.
It’s a low down, rotten predicament to be in. It’s hard not to get discouraged. You sound young. Don’t give up hope. Maybe all the fancy research that they’ve been doing will pay off one day and actually yield some results.