Depression from schizophrenia?

I odnt know how to make myself feel happy anymore.


Maybe tell your Dr? He can tell if you’re depressed and if you are he might prescribe antidepressants. Depression is common with sz but I don’t have depression.

I have depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Sometimes the fact that i have schizophrenia gets me down. The lack of interest or pleasure in things really gets to me. I take anti depression meds and they work for the most part. It keeps my negative thoughts away.

I tried going off depression meds and was considering killing myself. Talk to your doctor about depression. He will hook you up

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I think i dont have depression maybe i have some sort of sadness but im not literally sad.
It goes like this.
When im having a great day
(which every people should have)
I feel great for 10 minutes then
I start to feel like im missing something in my life
Then i start to feel very bad, i cant have intrest in things,
Then i feel or is deppression
Maybe i feel depressed because i think its life
But i have schizophrenia it makes a diffrence

I do, but it gets me kicked out of most places.

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Some docs and therapists misdiagnose Depression and Negative symptoms.

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You might want to speak with your doc in detail. Post psychosis depression is common.

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Hopefully its only temporary. For myself i know depression passes by itself. Its very uncomfortable, but i am able to wait depression out.

If it is consistent sadness id call it depression.

Well I’m sza depressive type. I have chronic depression so much so I don’t get out of bed. Not really sure if it’s sz.

Awww im sorry to hear that. It has gotten that bad in the past but i was able to try and get myself out of it. I only really got depressed with medication changes and lifestyle changes

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