Why am I so sad?

I think that is a fair question.


Schizophrenia maybe…

Have you been diagnosed with depression?

My very first visit to a psychiatrist buried that question because the doc made a comment about parents spoiling all the fun. I already knew I was licked.

Beginning of a lifelong in search of therapy? You are doing well on your own. @chordy.

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You can have depression alongside SZ/SZA. Something to talk to your doctor about and seek treatment for.

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Depression is my major concern. I take boatloads of antidepressant and it took me a lot of trial and error to get to a state where I’m good.

Hallucinations are a rarity for me. I deal with positives well but that depression kicks my ass more than anything.

It’s not normal. Most people don’t deal with it and that is the issue. It’s chemistry that you need some adjustment on! Talk to your shrink. It’s not good to suffer alone!

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I sympathize with how you feel. I feel sad all the time, too…

Like so many have suggested here already, maybe you have Depression. I have both Schizphrenia and Depression, and takes AP’s and antidepressants to manage both conditions. You should have a chat with your pdoc or case manager/therapist. They should be able to help you.

Thank you all for your replies. I do think I have some variant of depression and I will tell my psychiatrist (again) and try to get on an anti-depressant.
What is depressing is having great difficulty getting up in the morning and then having no interests on my days off from work. But honestly I don’t understand why I feel depressed. Maybe it is my brain chemistry?


I’ll be 55 in a few days, and there are times when I think about my mortality. I say to myself that most of my life has been lived. I also think about family and friends who have died. I think about my 20’s and 30’s. How the times have changed.

I sometimes have a “mid-life” crisis. I feel that I’m going through the motions, not really living. I want to sell everything, change everything–start a new and exciting life.

Do you feel any of this?

is it possible to go through a semi mid life crisis at 30?

Mine is a sad life . . .

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