Depression alert, it is the beginning of the dark season


It is autumn here and the beginning of the dark season, this may often trigger depression, I suppose I should take more vitamin D, normally one can get vitamin D from the sunshine, but now the sun is not shining so much and these vitamin D supplements may be needed.


I have been dealing with what may be the beginnings of depression, feeling very blank and empty and not really enjoying too much of anything. It hasn’t really hit me yet though. As far as the Vitamin D goes, i have to take a Vitamin D supplement because when i had bloodwork done mine was low. I don’t know that it helped with how i feel at all, but i take it nonetheless.


I’m glad the winter is coming. I’m going to sit in it batte in it. Sleep in the snow


How do you sleep in the snow? Could it be cold? :smile:


I don’t care. Lol wr font see snow in Texas much. Yep.


We’ll have a lot of snow where I am. This summer was great, I rode my bicycle a lot. I suppose I achieved my bicycling target, 3600 kilometers.


Good exercise. :blush:


Yep, good exercise, but when the winter comes, I can not ride my bicycle so much.


:frowning:️ I’d be scared to fall over in winter time .