What is depersonalisation and what is the cure for it

what is it and what is the cure for it

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Depersonalization is a dissociative disorder. It can be caused by trauma, migraines, epilepsy, schizophrenia, etc. There is no cure. Basically you don’t think you’re real and can detach from your body like seeing yourself in 3rd person.

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Depersionalisation can feel like your are out of your body and feel like you are the 3rd person in your mind like @insidemind explains very well. I get depersionalisation when I quit Mirtazapine, Mirtazapine has been the cure for me and for another relative I know. Mine is caused by a ongoing racing mind.


Is depersonalization like the moment I think and think it’s so weird how I’m human and I’m alive? I’m not sure how to explain this feeling well. Like I over realize I exist? It freaks me out every time I think about it. It’s been happening since I was a kid.

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I have this when I get the flu since sz. Maybe before acute onset as well, I simply don’t recall it. It’s terrifying when in traffic. But, you do get a bit used to it over several bouts of it. I mean, the feeling remains the same, but you can trust in a bit of an intellectualized way rather than that immediate bodily way that things will more or less turn out fine if you play by the rules. That’s my experience of it. Fortunately, I didn’t notice this much when I was full-blown psychotic, I can imagine it turning into mind-blowing delusions when combined with suggestive voices etc.

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Depersonalization is extremely surreal. Among the worst cases of it I had was walking aimlessly around the house as a ghost, was definitely not in reality and I had no body, sort of just floated and my very mind was like a breeze traversing the middle of absolutely nowhere.


When my dad beat me up I left my body and floated around below the roof. I could see my body but I did not feel anything. Trauma can also cause despersonalization.

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I had depersonalisation and derealisation in my first episode of psychosis in 2011.

Depersonalisation caused me, when i was at my most psychotic, to feel as if I had left my body, as if I was dead, but me as a ghost was looking down on my body. I would float in and out of this depersonalisation which contributed to the fact I thought I was dying. It felt like I was in limbo. God was deciding whether or not I was to live or die…while this was happening my mum and dad were beside me in the a psychiatric hospital, I could feel my mum and dad beside me but I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t interact with them because of my depersonalisation, I had to really concentrate to bring my self out it momentarily and ask them for a sip of a drink then I would feel ghostly and dead again.

Derealisation however happened in the few weeks before I was in hospital with acute psychosis, this made me feel as if I was in a movie, a game, as if there were cameras all around me watching what I did and I felt like I wasn’t real, I was a plant that didn’t belong in this world. I felt this was the point at which I was supposed to die because of my malnurished upbringing, I felt because it was so bad that I could only live until I was 17 (this was coupled with a panic attack at the same time)

The point being is Depersonalisation and Derealisation are symptoms of a psychotic breakdown, and to answer your question yes they can be treated if you respond to antipsychotic medication. I’ve not had any symptoms now for 4 years since I was put on Amisulrpide (Solian).


Here are some cure tips, this being one of 4 articles.

Also some different article and some free videos

Why is there always this idea of a “cure” for things that can’t even be properly understood?
The cure is going to look suspiciously more like ‘Manage’ it than 'Cure" it.

“I have the cure and will share with you-for a nominal cost” is really code for “I’m snake-oil Sam, my trick today while entertaining you is to remove all the money from your wallet while you pretend your feeling better.”

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Depersonalization is believed possible to fully recover from.

It’s a simple psychological pure OCD, disassociation from inner trouble, and psychosymatically induced.

If you can’t fight or flee something in the mind, “the only way is up and away I guess”

Schizophrenia is not really known to have a cure.


I’m very familiar with it, it’s another one of those labels they tacked onto my forehead.
Had it my whole life I suppose. It gets worse when I am stressed out and better when I accept, and participate in life-generally.
Truthfully, it comes and goes at will. No formula have I ever discovered to do much difference, and not once have I ever had a Pdoc say anything that might be of help.
The abuse that one endures as a kid strengthens the walls one builds from the pain, and on a daily basis, the walls keep building stronger, and the portal easier to enter and exit. I’ve never outgrown this.
The best I can do is manage it.

Sorry I seemed so negative, I just couldn’t read the article, maybe my eyes are just not responding to the words.

Nothing personal, I’ve just slipped into funky kind of mood, sorry.

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