Do i suffer from derealization?

ive heard about this notion some years ago but I still question myself what is it exactly… in fact,ive started my zyprexa again one week ago and sometimes I don’t feel myself…is this the lack of emotions? the things around me doesn’t feel real also…does I live a lot in my head and this is the result? wow…I wanna feel love, feel real,quite strange thing…

Im not quite sure what derealiation is…youy could check on Wikipedia and post ur findings here. I have suffered from depersonalisation but am not sure what derealisation is…keep us posted


I experience derealization at times. The world around me feels more like a strange dream than like reality. Things don’t look quite right.

There is also depersonalization, where a person feels very detached from their own self, to the point where their emotions, thoughts, actions, etc don’t feel like their own.

These are both symptoms of dissociation, which can be a part of a trauma-based disorder such as PTSD, DDNOS, etc, as well as personality disorders such Borderline Personality Disorder. Sometimes people are prone to dissociating whenever they are under significant, sudden stress, which can include panic attacks, psychotic episodes, etc.

Sometimes dissociation can be caused by cognitive dissonance, where the person dissociates from the more stressful of the conflicting views. For example feeling that a psychotic experience was real, while intellectually understanding that you have a psychotic disorder, can lead to feelings of cognitive dissonance, which can in turn lead to dissociating, and then most people would call it “denial” without understanding the deeper psychological mechanisms at work.

And so on.

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I go through some derealization once in a while… where nothing feels real and life is just a slide show flashing by at a slow rate and I have no emotive reaction to anything I’m seeing or hearing…

It usually hits with a negative symptom phase. I’m unplugged.

Depersonalization will hit me with a stress spike… and I’m having an out of body experience… watching myself and unable to even control my actions or what’s coming out of my mouth.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

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Derealization- not in touch with surroundings
Depersonalization- not in touch with self
Dissociation- encompasses both types of disconnect

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I always called what I think of as derealization/depersonalization, feeling “out of it” like “what’s wrong?” “Oh, just feeling out of it”. A million miles away, that’s what I called it too sometimes. I experienced it from my teens up until just a few years ago, so my early 30’s. It got so bad at times that I felt like an empty shell of a person, it complicated relationships, or just made them nearly impossible because I couldn’t relate normally. It was hell. I remember it being really hard to have a conversation during these times, and it made me really vulnerable to those who were out to use someone.

These days it’s rare that I have these feelings and if I do it’s just feeling a little out of it and passes pretty soon.