Are you taking medicaton and still see halluciantions?

What are your hallucinations> I see lights and men and women float through me.

Since i’m on meds I don’t have hallucinations anymore, but I used to see demons, like black shadows hanging besides people.

I see dark shadows figure people and I see demons

It took some time… but for a while… while on meds… I would see things on fire…
I would also see a floating cat out of the corner of my eye… other little “here and gone” visuals…

I don’t see them as much anymore. There are still some days here and there where I still see people from the past… faces coming out of the walls…

That’s usually an indicator that I need the sleep and / or I’m getting myself worked up about something.

I’m on 15MG of Olanzapine per night. I rarely hallucinate visually but when I do, I see skeletal figures that follow me, I hear between two and 7 voices most of every day, and I feel hands on various parts of my body in intervals every day or two

When I start hyperventilating I see little swirls everywhere .

I don’t hallucinate.