Do you become more delusional when you're off meds?

I don’t, I just hallucinate more and feel really wired/messed up. My reasoning is the same though.

I dont hallucinate but the last episode i had, i was drinking a lot and taking the med on top of it, and i started having delusions. I stopped drinking and with med my delusion lasted a week. Its been a year and six months i am delusion free. If i dont drink, possibilities are my next delusion will be when my body extracts the medication.

Yes. When I’m off meds, I am very delusional and paranoid and panicked and it all gets worse.

It also happenes when I do something stupid like smoke pot. I was such an idiot this last summer and resumed my relationship with Mr. Marijuana and sent myself back into a paranoid delusional swing. I was convinced of some pretty odd stuff and my sis couldn’t even talk me out of it.

I was so stupid to mess with this again. Then I needed larger doses of meds to get back to normal and it was like starting all over again.

wtf…the last time i wasnt on my meds (switching to another med) was fcking horrific. I was more psychotic than ever, screaming at the floor. I would expect going off meds would do that to most people. I really am surprised that you would go off your meds…I went off mine on doctors orders and onto a newer med…which had no effect, and I was back to square one, nucking futs. I went right back on my previous med and it cleared up. But that was all because my doc told me to do taper off one and taper onto another, not because I just wanted to see what would happen…you know stopping meds is like a one way ticket to a hospital bed, right? Luckily i wasnt hospitalized, I somehow got control of myself and even went to class…I am known for being resilient to psychosis, the doc thought I was trying to get a legal insanity case when I went to be evaluated because I was so composed…but then he asked me a bunch of questions and told me that I was “very crazy”…

I’ve never liked the idea of being on meds (risk of movement disorders, dependency, and brain shrinkage) so that’s why I tried to get off them. Also, there are some studies that show some people do better long-term off meds. I figured I’d give discontinuing them a shot.

It was horrible though. I felt totally messed up and wired. My brain was making my teeth chatter and my hand spin around in circles. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus, and I couldn’t talk normally. My voices got a lot more intense and aggressive too. Luckily, though, my reasoning stayed in tact and I wasn’t any more delusional than before.

So now I’m back on meds for good.

that’s not a fun time, going into withdrawal. I figure I am better off on meds because of the quality of life it brings…I had the “madman” type of paranoid schizophrenia; low negative and high positive symptoms, which make for a restless and (statistically speaking) potentially violent psychotic person. I couldnt sleep well unless I had alcohol in me. Meds might not be perfect and may cause long-term damage, but if my liver gives out from the xanax and geodon, I won’t regret it. I have heard that antipsychotics and benzos are hard on the liver, but I just don’t figure my liver is safe anyways because I go alky if i’m not on antipsychotics.

As far as brain shrinkage…oh well…
Antipsychotics have HORRIBLE withdrawal, at least the second generation ones do. Geodon supposedly has terrible withdrawal. I tried going off of it and on latuda and all hell broke lose, so Im not going off it anytime soon.

Yes, i remember once when i was off meds, i was watching tv and i thought what happened on an episode of south park actually happened in real life and was really confused for the longest time. For about a month all i could watch was the news, because i thought that was the only tv programming i could trust (yeah right)

i don’t know, i’ve never really been off then and don’t think i’d like to find out tbh.