Starting to Hallucinate a bit again

So I think it’s been day 4 on the lower dose of Risperdal and I am a bit bummed.

Yesterday I was lying on the couch wide awake watching TV and out of the blue I hear a loud whistle type sound outside of my head.
I turn around and look around and nothing - it wasn’t the TV - the volume on the TV was very low.

Today I go out into the backyard and I clearly see a man wearing a hat peering and staring at me by the fence - I look again and no one is there - I do however see the bird feeder swinging in the wind.

This morning I am on the couch wide awake and I suddely hear a loud noise/screaching weird sound - look around - the TV was off the house was silent.

It is too soon yet, I don’t want to call my pdoc quite yet because so far the hallucinations are not chronic- but yeah I am a bit down a bit - I may have to raise the dose again.
I don’t even know if it would be smart to switch antipsychotics at this point :frowning:


It’s scary to have hallucinations again, Wave. I think you’d better go back to your normal dose of Risperidone. That’s the right level of medication for you. Take care.

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That really sucks man. At least you know remission is possible. I would definitely tell your doc. Although perhaps you just need some time for brain to adjust to the lower dose.


was it you i was talking to about abilify? i’m now on 15mgs daily and the volume of my voices has gone down. some days busy, some days infrequent bursts of voices but i take propanalol 40mg with it and thankfully no agitation or side effects this time. i don’t know if it’s the med or whether i’m just heading for a quiet period with the voices but i’m pleased with the med as there are virtually no noticable side effects. maybe you should try it hunni. good luck and talk to your shrink. x

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Yeah Bryan my brain might be adjusting to the lower dose, but so far I am not doing so great.
Besides these type of hallucinations, I got real paranoid when I saw 2 cop cars on my street today.
I am also feeling more out of sorts - a bit strange.
I see her in 2 weeks, so I will see how I do.
Last night I did pretty good, I am not going to panic just yet, could be my brain getting used to the lower dose

Thanks Jayne, I have a lot to discuss with her

That’s super spooky! Definitely talk with your doctor.

I always see stuff out of the corner of my eyes. The other day I was working out at the Y, and out of the corner of my eye I saw an old man in some kind of trenchcoat fedora outfit just standing by one of the treadmills. He was facing me directly. First I was creeped out, then after a long time of the man not moving I figured I was seeing things. Got off elliptical and looked and lo and behold, no old man.

Whatever. I dunno if this will work for sz hallucinations, but when I got sleep paralysis hallucinations it helped me a lot to remain calm when I got them. If I allowed myself to stay calm and relaxed, the hallucinations would be totally fine and harmless. Like what would start out as freaky moaning or laughter would turn into the breeze gently blowing as I calmed down, or a beeping.

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**I think your doing the right thing @Wave. You sound like you know yourself very well. Hopefully, its really nothing..or maybe just go up a tiny bit in you rdose-that would be your sweet spot. I know youve been working hard on this…I`m sorry…
Also, I know you are worried about physical problems, but maybe you could talk to your doctor about seeing a nutritionist.
Good luck to you OO **

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A few times today kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye and felt it was there then looked and nothing.

Then tonight in the bathroom I thought I saw some man right and front of me and I jumped and looked and again it was gone. Was a little freaky. Hasn’t happened in a long time