Delusions of reference?

I think I suffer from this but doesn’t bother me much on meds. When coincidences happen… I could see the internet especially this board being triggering to delusions of reference. It’s good I’m on meds because I don’t get this but sometimes I worry I’m triggering delusions of reference to other people on this board because I remember how my thinking used to work :frowning:

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15 characters that mean something special


Those characters were very descriptive.

I notice coincidences all the time that could so easily slide into delusions of references. Everywhere I go. You can’t predict what will trigger this in someone, because it is unexpected. Try not to worry too much.

I had delusions of reference on seroquel, not on abilify. Looking back, I was completely psychotic actually.

not triggering for me… :grin:
take care :alien:

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(I have my C.U. sweatshirt on, too. :sunglasses: )

delusions of reference can really get to me in a big way at times.

Sometimes it makes me think my apartment is bugged.

I have to remind myself it’s all just coincidence… sometimes that takes a lot of work.