Grandeur (tw)

I texted my psychiatrist. I told him that I am the greatest Buddha of this era, a prophet of old testament, God, goal of all religions, I wrote all religions texts from all religions, I feel glory and bliss. Glory and bliss. Yes, glory and bliss.
I don’t believe that it’s a delusion, since all delusions stop with meds. If this belief remains, it means it’s not a delusion

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We live in a time many men will reach enlightenment to have a wealth of new information and knowledge and revival of the ancient texts. It’s no longer about Christ or Buddha. Or god as one man. But many people working towards a cause. The greatest Buddha would certainly not realize how great he she truly is. Meds don’t stop all delusions for me so why you

I dont think thats technically true about delusions
Aside from that if i am talking to god can u tell what will happen when i die?

Information is irrelevant to enlightenment.
In fact it’s the opposite. I had awakening and ecstasies since childhood. I have a special mission. I don’t want to elaborate cos mods will lock it

Nothing. You won’t die cos you were never born

Pretty sure my mum would disagree, but if i wasnt born what am i?

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You are pure consciousness. The witness of a baby getting born, doesn’t make him become a baby. In the same manner, when you observe your self, you are not the objects, but the subject of all.

I didn’t mean them in the same regard actually. But information is flooding in, as well.

You’re just avoiding the real truths and it’s your disease talking

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I put a TW for people who may get triggered.


You are avoiding enlightenment dude.
You are deeply in your ego, your useless information etc

Youre not making much sense to me.

If I ever translate my gospel, I will send it to you, in order to wake up from this dream

Maybe I am but at least I don’t think I’m the greatest Buddha ever. Thank god im out of that trap …

I do. It’s vedanta. You are not familiar with philosophy or theology

Why text your psychiatrist if this is what u truly believe? Surely theres some part even if tiny that thinks this may be delusion? Do u have psychologist?


I think i was Jesus for awhile. It was interesting, part of my brain kept telling me nope. The other part was like “you are the chosen one”. The meds kicked in and time passed, eventually i got better. Now i just pretend online for fun, but in reality im pretty plain and boring. I understand where it comes from though… get better buddy :innocent:

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You are at least partially aware that you are delusional, the title would not be grandeur if you weren’t at least subconsciously aware that these are delusions of grandeur.

I believed I was a prophet/God/enlightened being too when I was delusional. They are tough delusions to fight when they make you feel special.

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And if we are all one am i not just as familiar with these things as you are especially if we are one consciousness.

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I still struggle with it too sometimes. It’s hard when you’ve dealt with a ton of inexplainable trauma/suffering and you have no justification for it. After all we are all maybe divine beings and we don’t wanna feel like our lives are meaningless. And they’re not meaningless. But we must search for meaning in reality. It’s hard I know I empathize with it in every way. And it’s hard to get out sometimes.


Look, guys. I know how it sounds but I am in glory, rapture, bliss.
I never had doubts about my grandiose mind.
I texted pdoc cos I wanted to tell him that meds can’t take grandeur away from me. No med so far achieved it. So I guess it’s not a delusion, but reality.