Delusions, "bad" therapy, and is it even worth therapy?

Has anyone had a therapist gently chuckle at or lightly dismiss your claims? For example, I finally mustered up the courage to tell my therapist that I was completely convinced that someone is trying to kill me. Every single evening/day was a living nightmare. Anxiety through the roof. My waking life and dreams were unbearable. (I’m not sure if any of it is even worth mentioning or if I’m just being a nuisance.) He just chuckled and reassured me I’m “not crazy.” This is great, but it ended at that, and it didn’t stop the constant paranoia. It only got worse until I just winged it and started taking a prescribed SSRI, given by my family doctor.
I still can’t explain it. Should I talk to a therapist again? Will anyone even care? So far I’ve only been dismissed when i try to mention it. Please help. I’m stuck and I don’t know if it’s even worth getting help for.

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Therapy is difficult if not impossible when the client/patient is dealing with some pretty intense psychotic symptoms.

Many therapists including PHDs and PSY D’s dont get or fully understand psychosis or schizophrenia.

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Yes my first psychiatrist did this when I told her about how I speak with things telepathically. She laughed and said “I don’t know about that but maybe the government would”

It’s horribly offensive and unprofessional, and I can guarantee you that not everyone acts like that and that’s not the norm. I didn’t see her again after that meeting.

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thought i would say hi.
we as sz are over sensitive to others responses to us…we take it to heart .
i write down 11 pages of ’ sithisms ’ every month, like a diary…
maybe write it all down and hand it to your therapist.
take care :alien:

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Hi, your Therapist probably was laughing at the idea anybody wants to kill you as it is clearly paranoid. I’ve been there personally… that is paranoid. I hallucinate my husband speaking badly of me behind my back, getting personal with others, all manor of nightmares. Normal people find propostuous things funny. It lacks empathy to how terrifying it is though…

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I don’t know why the therapist laughed. Sorry it hurt you! I like the guy I’m seeing now.



Yes I know the exact feeling! It takes courage for me too and most people. I have trouble and usually don’t fully describe my symptoms lately even when I was on the verge of an episode in the ER I couldn’t. “Your not hearing voices or anything like that so I’m confident…you’ll be ok with sleep” the doctor said and I just couldn’t contradict his smiling over confident attitude. I was hearing them non stop after taken off Abilify and put on an SSRI. My psychiatrist I’d still say doesn’t understand yet. He keeps thinking I’m depressed and I have decided on likely not bipolar since it doesn’t seem related to moods. Just my flat affect. He won’t listen right now. So I should say it’s worse then or if he won’t I’ll find someone new again.

You are not alone in this suffering your therapist might have been trying to assure you by laughing not dismiss your symptoms. Most don’t understand it’s not PTSD or depression it’s a chemical disease we can’t control through happy fluffy thinking lol! Therapy should help. I know it helped me just try to be more patient…

These days it’s all in the mind. I’ve learned to just rely upon myself to fix it. Leaning on others hasn’t helped one bit. The less the merrier, I say, when it comes to sharing information in the real world about your condition. Enjoy the suffering as a free being.

It’s hard opening up… I hope you find a doc you feel comfortable with.

My Doc has never chuckled or smiled at anything the for years… Even when I was trying to be funny.

But he has helped me out when I’ve been falling apart.

It takes a while to get a good relationship going.

In hindsight, it was kind of funny that my psychiatrist kind of believed my delusions. I think psychiatrists are kind of weird. I had a psychiatrist years ago who wore a pink hat and pink crocs. He said he played video games like Medal of Honor and started yelling at me when I told him wrestling wasn’t real.