Gaslighting by my therapist

hi. i really like her however whenever we meet i feel like she is gaslighting me with lies about hallucinatory stuff which isn’t really hallucinatory. i am going to confront her about this as politely as i can.

i have troubles in my life but i feel i deserve more from her.


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Maybe she isnt doing it on purpose? The last time I was in a hospital, I was in a court proceeding to see if I would be forced to stay and take medications, the doctor on the testifying against me said that I “hallucinated train noises”. This was never the case. I had delusions involving trains but the noises were real as others heard them as well.

I don’t think he deliberately lied or “gaslighted” me. I just believe he was in error.

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There’s really no polite way to say it, so I’m just gonna say it:

Occam’s Razor.

The simplest explanation is that you’re not functioning properly in reality and she is.

You’re the severely mentally ill one.

Just set aside how you feel and follow her directions anyhow.

I’ve seen this work 99% of the time.

Good luck.

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This is possible explanation as well. Professionals have been known to make mistakes. But it’s extremely unlikely she is deliberately gaslighting you.

I know delusions can make you think people are harming you, but that doesn’t mean they certainly arent. Unfortunately bad people do take advantage of people with psychosis and use their reality misperception against them. It makes it worst for us. But given she is a profressional i don’t see any reason she would gaslight her own patients.

Its really unlikely. You should be open and let her know about this concern in a polite way.

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thanks y’all for your encouragement to keep trying to follow the advice etc of my therapist. i really like her i just worried…

judy :sweat_smile: :rofl: :heart_eyes:


i’ve had bad experiences with them.

You said bad people take advantage of our reality misperceptions? Can you give some examples or explain a little more? This really hits close to home. Because my mom does this to me all the time. She gaslights me, and I’m in a situation in which I’m financially dependent on her.

I was actually in a similar situation as op only it was confirmed by another professionals insight. It mostly involved manipulation, asking me things like "are you sure you arent hallucinating?

The whole thing was just to keep getting money and keep me confused and self doubting.

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Sorry you had to go through that. It’s sad how there’s people that take advantage of our mental health and prey on it.

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Im sorry about therapust…mine told me so your a miserable schizophrenic…they can be so rude if they want to judge then find a new one if you like her tell her what she said affected you and you didnt appreciate it

hi. i really really like her my therapist i mean. i already asked her about it. we’ll work it out i hope.

thanks for your input. i appreciate the response.