Delusion: RAPE my Daughter

I’m virgin and single but I am getting thoughts that my Daughter is being raped etc, It’s a series of RAPE Episodes etc and also other series of episodes

I have no idea what this post is about.

lol you know … all my life it’s like I’m in hell and I can’t speak and now, finally I’m able to speak

Now that you can speak what have you to say?

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I’m just saying I get the above mentioned episodes in my empty clueless head.

Seems like may be you need to talk to a counselor or someone who knows you well. That you can trust.

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If I consider them as facts that is the case…

I don’t consider this delusions or negative signals as real

but, they consume all of my mind/brain and I end up as a loser

Is she your step daughter? Because if she isn’t you couldn’t be a virgin.

I AM — Write my existence.

No step daughter, it’s just delusions of rape, scifi signals of rape, winner loser rape relation signals, unwanted signals

cold war etc, it’s as if someone is controlling every outcome and I end up being a loser in every possible way

Would you say these thoughts are unwanted, intrusive and inappropriate?

I’ve read some medical material on persistent thoughts but can only speak from my own experience: many people have these thoughts from time to time and can easily dismiss them, however some of us find they prove to be persistent regardless of our efforts to stop them arising, the content is generally unwholesome and depicts things we would never carry out…the trick is not to battle every unwanted thought…perhaps professional therapy will enable u to disarm these imaginary warriors with the goal of disinterest in them being/not being around, then u can focus on more rewarding things.
hope this helps

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Dear hermit,

Your reply/post is simply awesome. You banged it on the target. Today I got a thought. Here it is…


I simply started saying [[[[[ WRITE EXISTENCE ]]]]]

The idea


freed me from this horror show.

Just now I won a Age Of Mythology Online game. Simply awesome.

Truth is awesome. If you take care of the truth, truth will take care of you.

This is what truth can do to you.

After I used

Vitamin Niacin B3

B6 – very very good



Vitamin D3

Omega 3 supplements

it worked but the improvements were not visible in terms of Mind/Brain Life…

After I used Sarcosine 250 grams + 100 grams Noopept

The improvements were visible… clearly visible. I am able to speak my mind because my brain/mind health has improved. I gain conscious/awareness to speak what is happening

Folic acid and Vitamin B12 were also good

Now I’m taking 20 mg Selegiline and the improvement is perfect.

So all my life I suffered from Schizophrenia and Weak Individual Hereditary Brain/Mind Ability. My Mother’s Brain-Memory is weak and I should have inherited it from her but I also gained a birth defect evil Schizo…

Any way I am successful on this special day. I finally freed myself from the clutches of senseless brain/mind disorder Schizo…

These 5 things gave me HEALTH.

Number One: Kill the thought don’t kill the body. End of suicide thoughts.

Number Two: Olanzapine 20 mg and Resperidone 2 or 4 mg. Now not using Resperidone. Now using Olanzapine 20 mg only

Number Three: Sarcosine + Noopept.

Number four: Selegiline 20 mg daily morning.