What is your thought bandwidth? Mine is too low. I get one or two thoughts every minute or two, it's like I'm stuck in zero mind zone

What is your thought bandwidth? Mine is too low. I get one or two thoughts every minute or two, it’s like I’m stuck in zero mind zone.

I have broadband. :blush:


awesome reply…yup simply awesome

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on meds, not much thoughts, on psychosis, a lot of thouts if i want, but i can stop thinking too

I have a problem with too much in my head. So much other things disappear, like what day it is today and what I’m supposed to do.

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The thinking never stops.

Im trapped in endless meditation.

It hurts. I need rest but it won’t come.

I keep getting Science Fiction + Super Heroes + Super Villians + Cold War + World Wars + Pulling my leg + Torture - Drilling into the body + Enemies + Lost the True Mother + Lost the true Father as if current parents are unreal etc thoughts

Edit: RAPE toooooo

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts are like the armies in Lord of the Rings- they keep coming over the hill, insubstantial Behemoths clamouring to be heard.

The dead are replaced immediately by others armed with arrows tipped with fear.
We retreat and fall back-the onslaught presses on.

The sun strikes these dark creatures=mere shadows now laid to rest.

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shadows don’t speak, it is the wrath of illness and nothing else

I can’t remember ever not having a thought. I thought everyone had constant thoughts.


I don’t know of others as far as I’m concerned, I live like lifeless. Like I’m in automatic scifi delusion mode. When will I get into manual mode?

Write my existence?

[quote=“way12go, post:11, topic:33290”]
I live like lifeless. Like I’m in automatic scifi delusion mode.[/quote]

Sounds awful… maybe you need to change meds?Anyway i hope you get better.

I write of a time when a battle is won as the war continues
Good luck and remember the content may change but for as long as the structure is intact all may continue as it is

This is what I need. I have nothing to worry, I just have to write my existence.



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Mine is really high. I usually have what seems like dozens of thoughts or more all happening at once. I can’t pay attention to all of them, I just let them fly through. I try to focus on the most important ones and get to the less essential ones when there’s nothing urgent going on. But there’s always a hum in the background going i love my cat i am so tired the sun is bright oh there’s the guy with his dog i love that dog i’m going to the store after work i’m buying soap maybe legos no i’m going to my niece’s party i will wrap the present first then get the card no i will get the card then wrap the present should i take my meds before or after the party i think before i have so much work to do is my roommate at work hope she wasn’t in a car crash she should text me my knee hurts i am tired oh a solar flare there’s been a lot lately what’s for lunch quiche is for lunch i love quiche i want to eat it now i am tired the the sun is bright i love my cat

And everything else I think is over that background noise. I have issues when it gets too loud and I can’t focus on important things because of it.


Hi way12go am pleased you connected with what I wrote-its purely my experience and what I can/cannot do about it.

And thankyou for the boost to my confidence-you have given me something the mental health professionals are unable to provide in spite of their best efforts-----understanding whats going on in my head, take care

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I have constant thoughts whirling around in my head, and these thoughts include memories from long ago, and it seems never ending except when I’m sleeping or occupied with other people, having conversations. I do not have schizophrenia, but my son does. So, yes, I think many people do have constant thoughts. It’s the content of the thoughts, perhaps, that could be problematic.

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I can’t really think due to my brain fog.

I have a lot of repetitive thoughts but they don’t seem to come too rapidly. They sit in the background while I am trying to do something like type this. When I am psychotic, my thoughts change and become more overwhelming but they don’t come more rapidly. I think I’m average

High speed fibre-optic! I can’t shut my brain up… until the system crashes and there is full stop 0 information flow.