Finally deactivated stupid Facebook


it took like 15 mins to figure it out but I did it. I wanted to permanently delete it but i couldn’t figure it out.

This woman goes on and posts crazy stuff all day long. Trust me I feel bad because she’s bipolar and probably off meds judging by the things she says. Wow that was bad but it’s over phew :sweat_smile:.

Talk about stroking your own ego all day long. And doing it in the craziest way. I met her in the hospital. I had enough. It’s over. We can be calm now.


Yea dude. Fuuck facebook. Such a waste of life


Got rid of mine long ago, it was nothing but a hassle


Lol. 1516151515

Wow they must have been harassing you on facebook for you to deactivate your account

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Good job! I have yet to deactivate my facebook for good every time I tried I always came back because of boredom…but I deleted alot of toxic people!


I deactivated my Facebook account in 2014, over 5 years ago, after using it a few weeks. I do not need Facebook.

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If someone is too noisy I hide them from my feed.

I’ve deactivated my Facebook 2 times, but I end up opening again to have a way to talk to my mates on school projects. Most people in my college do group work trough FB.

This last time I re opened facebook I was a bit more careful with the friends I added, so I didn’t add my doc(for example). So if I’m interested in a event, only my college friends will know (to me that’s the worst part of FB, is knowing where someone is going to be for a given event).

I permanently deleted mine as it was full of crap I’d posted over the years. I opened up a fresh one and have 25 people on there who’re mainly family.

I used to have about 200, but I was upset with all those people I knew who didn’t bother to engage with me in any form. Fake friends

you won’t regret it
2yrs free

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Never had a social media account other than myspace probably 20 years ago. I think they will have Facebook detox centers pretty soon.


I like Facebook, but I am very careful how I use it. I only have 26 friends, all of whom are people I know in real life and I can trust. I post updates to my sza blog there, so I have to be able to trust.

I like and follow pages with content I am interested in. I’m always getting good updates that way. I enjoy reading that stuff.

I have a couple of friends I don’t follow, because they post only political content and it gets on my nerves. But they’re still friends on there.

My profile is private, and I only allow new friend requests from no farther away than friends of friends. If you happen to find me in a search, you won’t be able to send me a request. My ex-husband found me on Sparkpeople about 8 years ago, so I am careful now.


I deleted all social media fb instagram twitter, cos it makes me paranoid.

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Yeah I could understand your actions but I too don’t mind Facebook. I hardly say anything these days unless to comment on someone else’s posts and it’s a great way to keep in touch with people I know overseas and for birthdays and such with family.

It’s one of those things. If it’s giving you grief get off it. Otherwise it’s not a bad tool for keeping in touch with folk.

I’m the same way. The only people I have on mine are good friends and family. We have family from other countries and we use Facebook to chat and keep updated. I used to have more distant friends but I just unfriended them because I hate drama. I get enough of that as it is.

@Jonnybegood to permanentley delete Facebook you need to Google it as deactivation is not the same, Twitter deactivation means deleted as YouTube.I got rid of all of mine in November 2017.Trust me Facebook do not make easy for you to do this as they really don’t want you to leave.If you need any more info please let me know

Agree Wallafish I used to call it Fakebook now I call it Facecrack! only geninue friends I had on there were family or a few people I have known all my life who I still speak too Facecrack or not.Most of these people on it are Full of ■■■■ and sad chancers tbh.Don’t see the attraction at all SZ or not.

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