Deleted my facebook account

Yeah, I have my friends list private. It’s noones business.

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You are welcome :blush:

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An old girlfriend contacted me on Facebook…

She had over 500 friends. I only had one. (by choice)

Gee…no wonder our relationship never panned out. She was the social butterfly and I was the hermit.


you’re a sexy social

(no i’m not, no i’m not)

you’re a sexy socialite

(no i’m not, no i’m not)

couldnt be that bad having facebook friends in fairness

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Depends… I don’t relate to any of the posts, most of the people in there I never talk to, it’s all about parties and drugs and other stuff I’m not into. Then there’s the activists that post dead palestenian kids every day… I could just take them off my feed but it was too much trouble. I prefer starting new.

Nice! That is proabably for the best. I agree facebook can spread negatively over ridiculous things. Props to you!

I deactivate facebook one year ago and I don’t miss it. It’s too easy to be found if you have facebook, even if all settings are private. I also switched from using google to using a different search engine that doesn’t track you.

I don’t think Facebook is for people with schizophrenia. We are too volatile, too deep for ordinary people. They talk about things that are of little or no consequence to us.


I agree. Still, today I’m regreting it, it was sort of a way to feel like I belonged somewhere, I’ll wait a few weeks and see how I feel.

I think I associate that account to my past and it has a negative ring to it.

Facebook doesn’t really satisfy my needs. We are left chasing it around until it gets a hold of us and then we have to drop it for a while, only to come back to it. it can be addictive that way.

Yeah, it’s an addiction. I don’t know, I didn’t delete completely the account, just suspended it. Someday I’ll come back to it.

I have like 115 people on mine. Mix of family friends a few aquantances and a few people I could probably get rid of.
I unfollow most people anyway so I follow maybe 10 people’s news feed.
I also use an extension browser called FBP it let’s you totally customize your Facebook.

So I don’t see news or advertisements or trending.

Just get to see a few news feeds of friends. Keep it simple :blush:


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