Day 34, wholefoods plant based sugar free life. Lost 18lbs or 8kg without trying

Otherwise no other restrictions or counting kcal carbs or fst
Other than doing the best I can in overeaters anonymous to eat 3 moderate meals a day and nothing in between and plan my meals the day before if possible


Do you have a support buddy.

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Yes, someone to share my foods with
But not a sponsor yet

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going sugar free was the best decision i ever made for my physical and mental health. you lose weight very easy and my mind is way more clear, my mood more balanced.

awesome work keep it up

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It’s a great thing That you are doing so well
It’s an addiction

I stayed a long stint in a meditation centre where there was no sugar and vegetarian after four months I had one chocolate bar that was it I was it going to stone in the next two months

That kind of things repeated lots of times with my smoking habits
Once you start you can’t stop
I think I know this lesson well enough now
I fear a lot it’s a very fragile thing

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Well done on losing weight !


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