Dating with a mental illness

i need to find a woman who has had a mental illness or a great understand of it, because due to misinformation a lot of women would not date me because of it, which i proved in the past

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try the whisper app

is that a mental health site?

its an anonymous dating app for local people. youd be surprised i posted on there about my illness had some local responses. okcupid is good to, so is facebook groups is what I usually go on

thanks i will try it out

its hard dude theres a stigma. im gay so its even harder im regaurded as trash. best thing is to learn to be happy alone in my opinion. its sad but id rather spare myself the stress of judgement from others. plus risperdal damaged my labido what exactly do i have to offer right now

Good luck, all I can say is to find someone who is willing to deal with the facts.

I managed to find someone personally. He also wishes to help me.

Ehhhh… You gotta just lie about it pedro until they fall in love with you.


That is also true, when you have them you can tell them. If its truly love then they’ll look past it.

I have met people who have had bad reactions and some who have had good reactions, but usually I don’t tell them at first, only if I feel like it, which is less than half of the time.

I wouldn’t want someone to hide a serious illness from me. I’d feel deceived and manipulated.


Depends on how well you manage it. If it doesn’t have a serious impact on your life then it’s not a big deal. But if you have serious delusions or paranoia it’s probably good to put it out there.

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It just goes back to rewording the condition to something generalised like imbalance

I don’t mention it, only rarely. It’s tough dating, sometimes I lost motivation to pursue women and just masturbate and say “■■■■ it”. I have a date for tomorrow night and I’m debating on whether I should actually go. I’ve flip flopped a few times, but I do want to get laid.

I would never mention it only a few dates in. Some women don’t understand mental illness and those are the ones you gotta let go.


In the past… some I’ve told… others I haven’t told… all those relationships crashed no matter what I said.

I think too there is something to be said for not just finding the right person… but at the right time too.

My current girlfriend and I are both on the same page as far as what we want and like.

For my current girlfriend I blabbed it out there the second I saw her. (I was trying to scare her from renting the better apartment. I was hoping shouting out that I was Sz would scare her and I could have the apartment.)

But she was cool and steady as she said I didn’t look scary and she wasn’t afraid of me and would rent the better apartment anyway. Then we started being friends…

I found my girlfriend on pof. I was up front about my illness when I approached Kelli. I said in my first response to her that I was on disability for mental illness. She liked that I was so honest. Don’t hide it dude.


I find dating tough because I have days where I’m relatively normal but then I get a dark wave of negative symptoms or depression (no energy not wanting to speak) (but I’m not sad or anything)

It’s really hard on a relationship cuz they don’t really understand

None of my x girlfriends knew i have mental illness, since i quit drinking my medication is causing libido problem, and also i have gynocomestia, i need to have surgery, than i will find a girlfriend.

I met my husband 7,5 years ago, i told him when it was impossible not to lie on date 3.

I did find out later that we are both Autistic as well, so i don’t know if that has bearing. finally finding someone who understands that side of me is massive. i recommend anyone finding someone who understands them, if that is mental health probe or anything