Dating with a mental illness

You are very lucky to have someone who understands :slight_smile:

Your experience is very similar with me,when I’m in college ,I think I can’t find my girlfriend,at that time,I’m very lost .So I find many way to find my love,and I through the college dating app to find her later.You can try to do it .

I think mental illness stigma is harder on men than on women, just my personal perception.

Stigma includes risk of violence, and more people are afraid of the “psycho violent man” stereotype than the idea of a woman going crazy and angry (something that men already often expect anyway due to PMS stereotypes).

In other words I think women are more likely to be intimidated by mentally ill men, than men are likely to be intimidated by mentally ill women.

Obviously this isn’t fair and is all based on stereotypes, but I think it still is that way, even if it’s not right/fair.

Because of this, I would advise men trying to date not to share about their mental illness until at least after several dates, if they can help it. If a woman is prying about your income and you’re on disability, just move on anyway, because women prying about your income before even several dates are generally gold diggers.