Dad wants me out the house

I’m not familiar with UK.
There is no way to negotiate; without losing your location, or stuff?

That’s your personal allowance though right?

That doesn’t include housing benefits.

Which is a separate component of UC.

Because you are currently living with your parents so I don’t think you receive housing component of UC benefit atm.

@StarCrazy double Check that with job centre plus though

Seems like there are indeed rooms for 400-500 and beyond but it just feels like such a robbery.

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What do you mean?

You have an illness so you are entitled to it.

Also remember that if the SAR which is the housing benefit allowance is too small for a room you really like, you can always add in a bit of your personal allowance from the £700. Per month.

Also, my suggestion would be try to go for a family house or double check no one Smokes weed. Idk how weed affects you, but I once moved into a place and they were smoking weed upstairs and it was really bad for me personally so I had to move out :/// and lost my deposit.

Perhaps, Confirm with them that it’s a non smoking house of any substance. And I suggest double glazed windows in case they smoke it outside in the garden if you are sensitive to it,


How do I work out the housing benefit part of UC?

The housing benefit you get would be calculated using this tool…

Lemme know if it’s confusing.

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So idk if they will backpay you for the first month or maybe even second month, depending on how long the application completion takes…

Meaning you need to be able to afford 2 months rent PLUS the deposit :////

But since you already have UC and are just asking for the housing component hopefully it will be faster.

It says my area one bedroom would be nearly 200£ a week. Does that mean I can rent a place costing £800 (ish) and they will pay for all of that, and I will continue to get my £700 from the rest of UC?

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Yes how nice is that lol :)actually one second I think you have it wrong @StarCrazy

HOLY ■■■■!
I thought I was expected to live off 700 including rent. This is so good. Ty so much for the help.

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Actually it won’t be that much… Sorry for the false hope.

You need to press shared accommodation under how many rooms because the one bedroom one that you pressed is for non shared accommodation which you are not entitled to if you do not have pip…

But yes it’s more than 700 @StarCrazy

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I don’t know if you can answer but I hope you dont mind answering if you can.

If I live with other people (friends) where we are all tenents would I be able to claim housing benefit under shared housing?

Also why can I not get housing benefit as a 1 room?

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You would need to ask the local job centre, I don’t know.

Or call up that official universal credit number on your official letters from them. And ask them directly…best still is to ask both to confirm you have the right answer.

Because that is only if you have pip.
People on pip have more severe disability and require more of their own space hence the one bedroom flat entitlement.

If you do not receive pip then you are only entitled to the shared accommodation rate of housing which is not huge amounts.

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BUT it is more than JUST the personal allowance


When you have an important question like this

If I live with other people (friends) where we are all tenents would I be able to claim housing benefit under shared housing?

Then I find it is important to call UC at least twice speaking to two different people.

Because,… I have been told different things by different staff!

And you don’t want to make a mistake here trust me.


Anyways I must try to sleep now I’m waking up early for group therapy but please feel free to fire more questions at me I’m happy to share what I know. :slight_smile:

, @StarCrazy

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It is good for you to have someone be able to support you financially in the emergency case where the application process takes longer than 2 months so you can stay at the new room. Whilst you pay out of your pocket.

There’s a chance you may get backpay you can ask them.


But I think usually the application process doesn’t take longer than 2 months.


But double check that with the UC people!



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I tried to talk to my mum about this and I just ended up shouting at her.
She’s normally really supportive so I feel bad, but I just feel really stressed all the time since this happened and it makes me feel really hopeless that I’m not getting anywhere with this.
Really not doing okay.

I called my MH team (which I never do) they told me they’d call back, and they never did. It’s now out of hours. I could call the crisis line I guess.

I just don’t want to do anything and keep thinking about death.

Is this about not being able to find a place to live or not having the motivation to be able to find a place?

I stayed up until 3AM looking at places.
Im more just worried about finding a place that is in a good spot (I don’t drive), has everything I need, and I can afford.
There were two properties near me that has 2/3 of these things, but neither of them had washing machines in the property. Meaning I would have to lug my washing to a laundrette (which I really hate doing).

Also many furnished properties don’t have proper desks. If they have a table its some tiny little coffee table. I want a desk for my PC. Just things like that weigh on me.
I’ve had a headache all day just from stress of it.
Every time I hear a car on the road I worry its my Dad and he’ll want to talk with me again.