Dad wants me out the house

You are a good father.:sunrise_over_mountains:


I am 30

Where I live rent is super expensive. It seems like £600- £700 per person is quite average to pay to rent a place with someone else (per person), and I only get £700 total. So its really not that feasible to move out on benefits.

Council homes (low income houses) are also in high demand and I wouldn’t be seen as a priority at all. I was even advised against that route by a professional.

If it was affordable I would have already left. But its going to require getting a new benefit (which I already have been rejected from) and uplifting my life and moving significantly further north away from everyone.

Anyways thanks for all the responses guys I really appreciate it.

@treebeard you are totally right. I had an argument near christmas and he told me in general and at home to give more to others and giving love will make more love and make everyone happy. Yet now I stand up to him he tells me its all about money for him and how Im not worth paying for.


I think in general, if you haven’t left the family home by your early 20’s…well…you’ll probably start butting heads with your parents.


I believe you said said the right thing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Well, I try not to be a horrible one.


I was in this situation a few years back, my dad would never listen to me despite me trying to keep communication open. Until one day I finally realized everytime we got in a real heated argument and I proved it was bs he would run to his bedroom and then come right back now “ready” to have a discussion when the discussion was already half an hour in. Seemingly after he came back from the bedroom he’d win the arguement. So I realized he was going to pop pills. So all the work I was doing to include him in discussions was useless. Cause he just wasn’t with it on a day to day basis, just a shell till he took something to come back. If your dad is older, I think we might have our dads in common.

My dad was very cool, i cant remember ever having an argument with him but my mum is a different story, i am glad i left that situation bc its too much, i think my mum would treat me like a slave if i stayed there its not her fault though bc she is registered deaf/blind

I was luck to get a council flat and its the best thing i did :slight_smile: i got a really good one as well, if you are declared homeless then you should be priority for housing even being threatened with homelessness will help.

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ah i’m 40 and living at home and i get along well with my both parents… i really like their company. I hope i can live like this for long time still.


Oh how I wish I had extended that kind of hospitality to my son. He might be alive today.


This whole situation is making me feel really shitty. Keep wasting the day away with negative symptoms.

I looked for accomodation around me and the surrounding areas but its all far beyond what I can afford :frowning:

Makes me feel really depressed and angry.

Could you perhaps move somewhere cheaper region of the country?

In London you can even get a room for £400 to £450 including bills.

And that is covered by housing benefit I think,?

I don’t know if you live in the UK, but just in case

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I’m not suggesting London that’s the most expensive but if that is how low it goes there then there must be some cheaper places perhaps

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I dont understand how housing benefit works.
I think you are only elligble if you can find supported housing that will accept you.

I can’t seem to do that. My MH team say I am not eligible for their supported housing.
Im south of London in a commuter town kind of place (not in London).

It would be under the new benefit system called universal credit.

It is best to contact your local job centre plus.

If you are unable to work or even simply can’t find work and also need a home you should be eligible.

The scary part is that you have to move in to the new house first and pay first month’s rent before applying.

So it can seem risky but the risk goes down if you know what you’re doing which is why it’s good to make an appointment at the job centre plus.

Hope things turn out OK for you.


I’m in a in the middle house (halfway house) because of homeless status.

I don’t make enough for my own room, with the government benefits I receive, in the US.

It lessens the burden on my family.

Helps the relationship.

I sympathize with your situation.

I wasn’t aware of that in my previous post.

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Do landlords have the right to refuse this kind of payment though? Thats what Im worried about and don’t really understand.

And is there a way of calculating how much I would get etc?
I have an appointment with Citizens Advice Bureau in a week, but last time, they said what you are saying and then just left it at that. Where as I really would like someone to walk me through the rest of it.

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Yes they do. Spareroom. the only site I know for people looking for rooms in a shared house. Where you can set it to I don’t mind. Instead of professional occupation. Or student.

It is not easy to find people who will accept. Best to put a filter on that says I don’t mind instead of professional (have a job) in the advanced search bar near the top. You also have to sign up but they just ask for your email n password.
And then send them a message when you find a suitable room and ask if they accept benefits you don’t need to mention mental health BTW. …

There’s a lot to consider like length of contract


It’s in the advanced search option you’ll see these things.

And this tool

Helps you to see how much housing benefit you get depending on which region you are wanting to live in.

It comes from this website…

And you would on top of that get a personal allowance for food.etc

Here are the amounts… I’m not sure what kind of benefit you are on atm but I’m guessing Esa.
But if you move house it’s likely you’ll need to change your benefit system to universal credit double check at your local job centre though!

If you don’t understand this personal allowance feel free to ask me.
Same for spareroom. Co. Uk
And to do the universal credit application form I recommend that you do that on the first day you move into your new room because you need those monthly payments ASAP. To pay for food and rent.

Hope this might help.


Also I suggest that it’s a good idea to do the universal credit application at the job centre plus. Because they can help you there if you get stuck with a question.

Don’t do a paper hardcopy one because by post your application would take so long.


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So according to this above ,Universal Credit: What you'll get - GOV.UK if you are single and over 25 years old, you would get £411. 51 and a further £343.63 if you have limited capability to work

Per month.

That’s for food, travel, etc, not housing. Although you may need to use part of it for housing if you want a bit pricier room.

If you have pip, the amount of housing benefits goes up further, in order for you to rent your own flat instead of a room.

But that’s risky.

If you suddenly loose pip at your next review then you also loose the flat…

Oh and also, @StarCrazy,

It is probably a good idea to put it under search private landlords not agencies or both

Because sometimes the agencies on sites like this might be dodgy.

Idk any other room search websites but I’m guessing there are others.

Citizens advice bureau should know, Tbh. :confused:

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Thats right. I currently receive UC.
So £700 ish pounds a month.

The problem is that housing seems to start at that figure. Giving me nothing to feed/dress with etc.

I had a long look earlier and a lot of what I saw was student accomodation, or a room in a shared house that just about fits a bed and a wardrobe. At the very least I need space for my PC with a desk.

Thanks for your responses. I feel really lost with no one to turn to.

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