Dad wants me out the house

Could you buy a laptop instead and use it on your bed with a flat support board under it to protect it from the mattress?

Just a suggestion.

But yea if not that’s cool too, we all have our preferences.

Yea moving places is stressful…, I get that. Especially trying to find the right place.

Nah. PC is like my main activity. I need a desk. Much better for my posture etc.

Today my MH team called back (24 hours later) and said they would talk to some charity that helps people at risk of homelessness and see if they can give me support in finding somewhere, and help filling in forms etc. I’m so glad. I feel like thats exactly what I need.
Sometimes I wish my Mum could be that support person who fixes these kind of problems, but I guess its asking a lot.


at least you getting some help… that is nice =)

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You can always buy a desk. People are always selling or giving them away on FB. Most furnished places won’t have one, that’s an extra.

But will they be okay with that? Won’t they be annoyed at it?
Like also can I tell landlords “I don’t want this couch” and things like that?
Some places I was looking at would have space for a desk if they removed the sofa.

First things first, you need to find a landlord or agency that is willing to accept housing benefit, and that is hard to find.

My agency wants the hb paid directly to them from the council and I needed a a deposit and a months rent in advance too. They also needed a guarantor to be liable if rent isn’t paid in full (arrears)

My housing benefit covers part of my rent and I have to pay a top up out of my benefits. My hb is £392 and my rent is £537 pm. If I didn’t get PIP then I wouldn’t be able to afford to live here.

Once a year the landlord/agency puts the rent up. Housing benefit is frozen and has been since the crash.

Good luck, you are going to need it!

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Depends on the landlord. Some might remove the sofa, others m8ght not. You really have to just talk to them.

Yeah thanks for the advice Labrat. Im gonna try and apply for PIP again because it feels like I’m gonna need it. I already applied twice and was pretty close in my last one (1 point short). Have an appointment with CAB in a couple of weeks. Just gotta hold out til then

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