Cutting myself some slack for things I did before I was diagnosed

I’ve decided that the way I was like before I was diagnosed can be forgiven and excuses made for it. It’s like I see myself as a ‘before’ and ‘after’.

I have a lot of memories that make me cringe.

I have something in my past, pre diagnosis that can never be forgiven, but if you can cut your self some slack go for it. I have forgiven myself for many things, but this one thing…its not something I can forgive of myself, it destroyed my youth

I used to have one of those, something I couldn’t forgive myself for. But now at least I don’t blame myself for it.

I have a lot I regret, I wish I had lived my life a lot more differently. I took a lot for granted and didn’t appreciate the simple things in life. I thought money was so important even though I never had a lot of it. I avoided serious relationships because I thought being single was important, I was wrong. I also had drinking problems.

I have lots and lots of things that make me cringe. I’ve been trying to sort through them and decide how guilty I am. Some of the things I cringe about weren’t that bad, but there is one in particular that I really need to work on.

You’re a good person @everhopeful, don’t forget that. Sometimes our behavior just isn’t who we are.

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Yea. I’ve done some crappy things that i havta forgive myself for or I’d be too damaged to do any good now