Cut off by nurse

It should be interesting to see how this plan pans out for younger, more recently diagnosed patients. As for the old timers - maybe considered a dying breed who will slowly work their way out of the system + won’t need to be considered. Too bad sz’s aren;t good at speaking up or being listened to.

Hey, I’m not a thinking person. Just trying to sound smart. I wish you could find a solution for your self.

I certainly think the system is more geared to the more acute/younger patients. The primary/overwhelming emphasis now is on acute crisis management.
If you are a chronic ,long term patient with difficulties and less than optimal functioning but not seen to be in acute crisis don’t expect much in the way of help and support.

anyone with brains would think that these things all happen on purpose, idk why i think that but it just sounds too crazy to be true.

Individual needs/wants should be catered for. I am not against groups in community centres but I am against movers and shakers in the mental health area unilaterally declaring that that is what all patients need/want. The voices of some/many patients are drowned out.
I think with groups in community centres that include the mentally ill there needs to be a firm basic grounding in mental illness awareness. So long as that is in place such groups can be a positive thing for the mentally ill.

My one experience of a community group, the over 50s club, was not a positive one.
When I mentioned to the club official seated near the entrance that I had been recommended to come by my nurse practitioner he looked a mixture of bemused and disdainful. It was all too obvious he was clueless about mental illness and maybe other disabilities too.

For some of us it is not just enough to say ” Go to a community group and mingle ” . For some of us socially interacting with others doesn’t come naturally. Our social interaction/social skills are impaired to a degree that we need help fully engaging with others.
For some of us adverse reactions to our difficulties/issues have made us reluctant to interact with others for fear of more of the same .
Unless you are diagnosed as aspergic or similar there is very little in the way of social interaction/skills training. The problem might be acknowledged albeit after years but that’s often about as far as it goes. It’s basically something you have to live with and damn the consequences.

I have discovered there is absolutely nothing. That’s why I’m my own support.

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That’s very admirable. The trouble is I suck at self support.

Then you’d better get used to not having enough support. Not trying to be cruel, that’s the only other option for many of us now. Not sure I’m any better with self-support, but I’m fookin’ awesome with STUBBORN.