Cut off by nurse

Went for my depot yesterday. Support worker was there.She got talking to me. Trying to find ways to get me out of the house and mixing. One of the suggestions was a reading group. Was discussing that I didn’t read much and the reasons why when the nurse doing the depot cut me off rather curtly. I never did get the chance to finish what I had to say.
It was frustrating.
Is it any wonder I normally stick to "not too bad " or “so so” replies when asked how I am? There’s more interest in jabbing you in the butt than actually listening to you. Result, they think they know about you but they actually know very little.


I get you. When I go for my depot they really are only interested in giving you the injection, or you will have some student really happy that they are practicing injections. I feel like complaining about my life every time I get the injection, but like you just say I’m ok when asked how I am. I also don’t really feel like an equal person with some of the mental health workers.

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Maybe they should help you think of things that would interest you doing at home. You seem to be oriented to be there. Maybe they have convinced you you need to live their lives instead of your own. Maybe not…

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I also feel like there talking among themselves about patients as the last person who gave me my injection recognized my name and I had never seen her before.

I am lucky to have a good community team but some of the hospital staff are scum. They really treat you like a second class citizen and don’t treat you with respect. They lie and definitely talk trash about their patients. Lucky for me I have not been on the ward in years.

The thing is if there was a regular drop in I’d go there. However the local mental health trust bullied the local mh charity that ran drop ins into closing them some time ago. Truth is I feel safer with other mentally ill people and with people in general who are more informed/sympathetic about mental illness.
A big problem in going to any group is making conversation. I find it very hard to initiate conversation and make small talk. If someone comes up to me first and talks to me I’ll do my best to respond, not wishing to appear rude. However sometimes it’s easy to think of responses and others it can be quite a struggle. I am not always good at instant responses. Sometimes it’s just too much. Although I am trying to converse so as not to appear rude the inner part of me is thinking “FFS, this is too much”

Volunteering was one of the things mentioned but I just wouldn’t know how to be proactive in talking to people. Fair enough if it was a volunteering job very near home, involving little vocal interaction and requiring very minimal practical skills. However volunteering jobs like that are like finding a needle on Pluto.

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Since I started Sarcosine, when someone interrupts me and finishes, I immediately start talking again about what I was saying. Probably pisses people off that I do it to, but they shouldn’t be rude and interrupt me either.


I hate rude nurses. had blood drawn today, they let a med STUDENT take the blood, I have blown out veins in both arms now and they had to take the blood from my NECK! my arms are in agony, the guy uses the same needle in both arms before realizing he is using a needle meant for take BONE MARROW samples, thing was huge, but I’m the kind of guy who just lets professionals do their job. They apologized and assured me they wouldn’t charge my insurance for the extra needle…

@Dremulf Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

That is crazy!!

@firemonkey @Jimbob

Not the first time ive had blown out veins but the first time it was done with a freaking bone marrow needle.

I will recover, but next time I go for a blood draw I will insist on either doing it myself, or having my GP do it…And I have done it for myself before, in fact I used to draw my own blood all the time to send it in for blood tests for diseases during my ‘STD even though I haven’t had sex in three years’ phase…

When I was getting my clozapine bloods done they kept trying to get the students to do it. Thing is my veins aren’t visible as I am heavy. Was repeated prodded and poked. Pro’s only for me.

I am also rather heavy, but I have high visible veins (have since I cut my arm from elbow to wrist, NOT SUICIDE, I was putting up a barbed wire fence and the guy with the rull lost control of it. cut me to the bone, when they put my arm back together they put the veins on top of the muscle, where as before they had been sort of inside the muscle…)

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That sounds nasty! Did you lose any strength in your arm?

for a while I did, but six months of physical therapy did wonders. its been seven years and its like nothing ever happened, if you don’t look at the scar you cant even tell!

You need to submit a formal complaint.

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already have…I have submitted a number of complaint in the last week. Gotta call Amazon today because they double charged me for Prime, I paid last month, and they charged me again on the 17th…plus my car insurance canceled me AFTER I piad for the year in advance…


I clicked on the heart because I am very much like you - probably more than about anyone else here. I’ve been lucky in that a mental health worker in my early days committed herself to not letting me drop by the wayside. We’ve lived near each other in two locations and she kept her word. I still keep in touch with her by e mail. She is the reason I’ve not become as chronically withdrawn as I would have. That was over 40 years ago. She’s now 90 and I’m 63.

I prefer the idea of drop-ins too. They are the only things that would make sense to me. Are they trying to mix sz’s more in with the normal population - if so it’s a mistake. I also don’t like groups because they expect people to act group-like + that messes with my mind. Give me a room full of people and a paint brush and an easel. Whatever is said or listened to - if anything but sounds of brushes and paper is therapy in my book.

I would probably try a drop-in if there was one in my area - if they had art. I don’t trust myself with words + hopefully they would understand that or at least accept that. I’m not saying I’m good at art, but I would like to be better or just ok and I like art supplies…my art skills halted in third grade when they passed us on to crayons - mostly drawing and coloring in neatly.

As I said - I’m very much like you - my history is much like yours - and confusion about my diagnosis, since my only positive symptom has been Withdrawal. And I do that pretty well without my medicines. We might slowly become friends if I lived nearby you. Depends on how threatening ‘friends’ might be.

“Social inclusion” is quite a big buzz phrase over here . The aim is to get the mentally ill(especially the seriously mentally ill) more involved with mainstream activities within the community and to do away with drop ins that were seen as segregating the seriously mentally ill.
The thing is a lot of us ‘old timers’ actually liked the drop ins and felt more at ease with other who’d experienced mental health problems and were more likely to be empathetic.
No one judges you at a drop in whereas my social difficulties would be a vehicle for negative reactions in a mainstream environment. I know this because even as an adult I have been mocked for being different. Living here I can keep myself from too much community interaction compared to when I lived on an ordinary council estate and was out in the open more. That minimises the funny looks etc.
Social inclusion would be great if people were more informed about mental illness and people with social difficulties due to aspergers or similar problems. As it is there are a lot of people who range from bigoted to ill informed and are not sympathetic when it comes to mental illness etc and how it affects people. There needs to be more education of the general population about mental illness and problems like aspergers before social inclusion is really pushed as a policy.