Curriculum vitae (resume) difficulty


I find it very hard to fill a resume.
As I have written before in my topic Internship uncertainty and difficulty i will have this summer the chance for an internship if I look for it. We must search the market for a position.

So my difficulties for the resume are:
1)I have not worked before (I am 32)
2)I haven’t many accomplishments in studies. I stopped my studies before.
3)I feel that I haven’t strengths for a job. It’s very difficult to introduce myself as suitable for a job due to zero self-esteem.
4)I don’t have many talents except that I write in Greek with good expression of language.

Is it possible after these difficulties to have a resume? Any experiences?


Focus on the good side of your abilities, make a resume who focus on your abilities and skills.

Instead of writing a negative thing like not finishing college you can focus on the few years you’ve been in college and make that the important point.

I would draw attention from the bad things who can’t get my hired to the good things who will gave me a chanche to have a interview. In the interview you should be more prepared, and maybe be honest with your diagnosis

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Ούτε εγώ έχω δουλέψει και είμαι σχεδόν 29


You can have functional resume and not chronological resume if you have employment gap, but I am not sure whether it is suitable for persons with no working experience.


is it strange to be 32 years old and never had a job

I had a paper route at age 11.

I don’t think you should do the resume

just standard applications.

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One of my peer support volunteers has the issue of little working experience and huge gaps in his resumé and little confidence. He did do volunteering.

He and his “buddy” (a volunteer who helps him) together make a resumé centered around his competencies. Not chronological. Also, the buddy contacted me and others in his network to “promote” him and i am searching how to help him get a job and use my position for that.

  • Could you make a resume centered around competencies? Or is that not accepted in your culture?
  • Is there anybody you know with a good network? Or a position in a company you like? Personal connections can get you in!
  • Is there anybody you know who can help you tell your strenghts like this buddy? Through a professional organisation or personally?
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