Curriculum vitae (resume) difficulty


I find it very hard to fill a resume.
As I have written before in my topic Internship uncertainty and difficulty i will have this summer the chance for an internship if I look for it. We must search the market for a position.

So my difficulties for the resume are:
1)I have not worked before (I am 32)
2)I haven’t many accomplishments in studies. I stopped my studies before.
3)I feel that I haven’t strengths for a job. It’s very difficult to introduce myself as suitable for a job due to zero self-esteem.
4)I don’t have many talents except that I write in Greek with good expression of language.

Is it possible after these difficulties to have a resume? Any experiences?


Focus on the good side of your abilities, make a resume who focus on your abilities and skills.

Instead of writing a negative thing like not finishing college you can focus on the few years you’ve been in college and make that the important point.

I would draw attention from the bad things who can’t get my hired to the good things who will gave me a chanche to have a interview. In the interview you should be more prepared, and maybe be honest with your diagnosis


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