Internship uncertainty and difficulty


Hi there!!
I am in third semester of pastry and bakery of a public Institute (I.E.K in Greece)
I want to have an internship when I finish my studies in fourth semester

My problem is that I am not sure how to achieve this and the things below are my main problems:

1)Lack of experience in everyday life and workforce (I never have worked)
2)Lack of good communication skills
3)I don’t know what my abilities are as a person
4)Lack of confidence
6)Easy tiredness
5)Βad conditions for workers in market because of crisis,unemployment and austerity (an example: you work for 8 hours and you are paid for 6 and the salary is 60% of the minimal)

I am in 6th year of recovery from disorganized schizophrenia. 3 years in remission and pretty stable. 32 years old.
I have achieved to make some friends but I think that my functionality,insecurity,immaturity and my complexes may cause problems long term.

My main goal of studies was that. To meet some people and go out of the house.
Now I want to pursue the chance to get in the workforce. I feel it is very difficult because of the above.
Is that the case or I just catastrophize and I look only at my feelings.
I constantly doubt and I don’t know if I must trust my insticts because my surroundings and my doctor press me to make the next step.
I am tired of quitting another chance of some certification.

Curriculum vitae (resume) difficulty

Γειά σου φίλε! I also have disorganized traits, and that’s why I have undifferentiated schizophrenia. May your ΙΕΚ go well


Thanx buddy!! I hope you do better!!


Anyone else who was in the same position?
How do you manage it?


Good luck! Pastry school is really hard, and it’s impressive you’ve done so much! Do your professors have any connections to help you get a job or internship? Many professors can help you find those things if you ask.


It’s good that you know yourself enough to give the list that you did. That is a huge step in itself.

  1. lack of experience can be overcome by being familiar with what employers expect. Having good work ethics can be a part of it. Here in the states you can work with an OVR Counselor (Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor) and they will help you get some experience. Or offer training.
  2. That you are even posting is huge I think. Being familiar with your subject matter can improve communication. At least I have found this to be true for me. Finding a common ground with others; such as your passion for baking.
  3. I think the abilities that lift us up are our assets. Whether it is physical or emotional. I am sure you have a lot that you can bring to the table as far as abilities go. Maybe make a list
  4. confidence: kind of goes with being familiar with the subjects that are close to you and having a good support team I think, If you are in your third year, you are doing something right. Positive self talk can help also.
  5. Easy tiredness; that is a big one and very real for many of us on these major anti-psychotics. You may only be able to work part-time. I had to do the same. I get tired easy. This one is a hard one for me also. Maybe if you try and pace your self. Depending whether you are an a.m or a p.m person.
    5)Sounds like a complicated employment market.
    Are you proud of what you have accomplished? Do you have a good support team? I think if you try and get a good foundation (which you may already have) just take baby steps toward your goal, but make sure you know your limitations and strengths.
    Sorry to ramble on, I was working from Jan 2018-to July 2018 and then had to take a break, but I will try again in a few months hopefully. Putting forth effort is a major key though, even if you find your self starting over more than once.


If you don’t find work right away, consider doing volunteer work where your skills can be used (e.g. cooking at a shelter for homeless people). Volunteer work helps you make personal and professional connections, gain experience, and references.


With your list of “problems”, you sound like an ideal candidate for an internship where you can learn and broaden all these life skills.


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