Applying for first ever job. Advice for resume?

So, I’m almost 20 but due to my severe depression, anxiety, and of course, schizophrenia, I’ve never felt capable of working a job. That being said, I’ve recently started therapy, started taking the maximum dose of Latuda, and started a new anxiety medicine, and with all these things in combination I feel like sometime soon I may be capable of working a very part time job.
The job I’m considering right now is at my local library. It’s only 15 hours over the course of three days a week and It’s to be a library page, which essentially means you’re one of the people who organize the stacks, put labels on new books, and take care of returning books to their shelves after people return them. It sounds like a simple enough job, and the requirements are perfect. All you needs to know is how to organize things in alphabetical order and how to use a computer system, and even teenagers are allowed to apply.

The only issue I have is actually applying. I’m trying to apply on Indeed, and the job requires a resume. Because I’ve never had a job, I have no resume created, and I have no idea where to start with one.
I never finished high school, so I don’t even so much as have a GED to impress them with. On top of that, I don’t have any special skills like speaking a second language to offer. Because of my multiple illnesses, I may be liable to need some accommodations for my mental health, and I don’t know how I can make myself sound like a valuable enough employee to make taking on a mentally ill person worth it. Do any of you more experienced people have any advice? I’m absolutely clueless.


Here’s some advice on writing a resume without experience from google


Use a resume wizard that is skills-focused rather than experience-focused. They walk you right through the steps.


Hey there I am the queen of resumes and getting jobs and interviews lol!
Here’s my tips:

  1. Basic, find a resume template that you like from word on whatever computer you are using
  2. Fill out the objective! Fill it with general stuff you can google what to write in your objective and then copy what it says, for mine I do a lot of retail so my objective is customer service oriented, you can google ‘customer service resume objective’ if you want
  3. Skills: for this here’s five basic skills anyone can put on a resume: multi-tasking, punctual, detail oriented, comprehend and follow written and oral instructions, strong organizational skills
  4. Experience: you can put two to three things here, your most recent job or any volunteer work, even if you were a teachers aid in high school. I had that on my resume for a while and it got me jobs, under the experience just put two to three things you did there
  5. Education if you didn’t graduate idk, just skip over it I guess but if you did you can put High School Diploma down, if you took an excel class or a Microsoft word class you can put that down too
  6. Anything extra like if you want to include volunteer work or something but it’s optional

My other advice is to find out if there is a place that can help you creat a resume and find jobs and take classes. In my town there is a worksource Center that does just that. Oh and include your phone number and email address under your name, that will be on your template too.
Also volunteer work goes a long way!
Employers love that on resumes and it’s a fun way to spend your time, it helps keep me in reality and busy.

My interview tips: be friendly!!! That is most important! One thing I do is keep my hands on the table if there is one, and thank the person at the end for their time. If they ask if you have any questions I always ask what is a typical work day like for my position. Everything else just use google!

Good luck!


Thank you so much, you’re a genius! I actually do have someone that can help me create a resume, which is the bishop of my church, I just need some basic ideas of what to put down before he revises it. Your ideas are great, thank you!

Great idea! Do you have any specific ones you recommend?

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Objective: To obtain a position which allows me to build upon my transferable skills.

Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Leadership etc (easy to bullshiet)

Past Jobs: N/A

Certificates: (They will look at this for your first job) any certificates you’ve received I.e First Aid, WHMIS, etc)

Volunteering: (Will also look at this for your first job)

References: Available upon request

Be ready to think on the spot.

Most popular question an interviewer will ask is “How will you benefit this company?”

Hope this helps @SchizophrenicCharlieKelly.

I highly recommend getting your GED since it will open many opportunities.

Good luck !


Try I used it once before. But I think I had to pay a very small fee to print it. But I just checked the site and it said free so maybe you don’t have to pay at all anymore.

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Google IT director cv and copy the format.

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