Newly crafted ✍ RESUME

At last a professional-looking resume without using any software. Do you think it is great?


Nice looking resume …ur consistent since 2000…its inspiring man…

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Thanks. But no, I have employment gaps in between jobs.

umm not sure about date of birth on CV
You seem to have changed SO MANY JOBS! MY god!! it is not good.

My CV is like 2-3 companies and freelance since 2009? :thinking:

And also you have to write the job description, not just the title? which is the most important.
I like the lay out. My CV is 2 pages.

I also have a skill set such as 'print design, watercolor, web design etc.

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Yes, my mental condition was unstable at the time, so I changed many jobs in the past.

I always admire someone who is loyal to company. You are one of them!

You have a point. I need to write the job description.

Thank you for your feedback.


I would pick a few of your most prestigious jobs and just put those down, along with a description. And then a list of all your technical skills and certifications.


Great resume! I think you may have misspelled “dispatch.”


Good idea. I think I will do that in the future. Some interviewers are only interested in recent work experience.

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I am not sure “despatch” or “dispatch”. I think it is UK and US spelling.

Thanks, frencheese.


In your advanced diploma area, I’m not sure about writing “Incomplete”. There must be a better way to word that. Maybe:

Completed 60 credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree in…
Relevant Courses Included:
Intro to Biology Chemistry 101
Microbiology Organic Chemistry or whatever courses

Or: In progress

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Exactly. Nobody taught me or told me before.

I didn’t complete a final year project and didn’t retake a course. I will think for a better word. :thinking:
Thanks, Skims.

Thank you for all of your free resume review.

To improve my resume, I actually need to write job description, maybe for a select few of them.
And not forgotten a better word for “Incomplete” (Advanced Diploma).

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This is my personal opinion and you don’t have to agree with it,

  • don’t add year of birth - it’s not right to discriminate but it still exists.

  • you got qualifications , but don’t add year of completion as that’s an age giveaway too

These are tips given to me


I personally agree with these.

However, in the job market of my country, it is common and almost compulsory to disclose the applicant’s age.
Nobody wants to look old, but what to do.

Your tips are appreciated.

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I don’t like that it says male twice at the top. I kinda do like that your education comes before your experience, I’ve never seen it that way before. I do like the summary that’s different. I do not like all the jobs with no description of your duties. I would rather see less jobs more skills.


Thank you for the feedback. I am pleased to know you like the “Job Summary” section.

Now I see the importance of description of job duties. My business English is poor and I will have to copy and paste in case I need the job description.

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Haha well it happens even if you are too young … can’t win but i appreciate it’s a requirement

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