Crystal's Help Thread #4!

@Crystal-Cotton you hit the 1000 mark so started a new thread for you!

I’m at a shaman one time once when I was in the Indian guides he said that rocks were living things if I didn’t think so I was nuts and blind he says they have the power to heal I did not doubt a word listen to what he had to say about the crystals and all the herbs

Oh yeah, thanks

Hello @Crystal-Cotton. How are you travelling?

What do you mean?

I mean how are you going. Sorry, it is an Aussie slag way of asking someone how they’re going.

Oh yeah. I’m doing okay

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They complain because I’m not social

Who are ‘they’?

the staff members here in the foster home

Why aren’t you social?

because my social skills are weak due to autism

Well they should be more understanding then…

yes D: all they do is complain

That’s not very professional. They are getting paid to be there, they should be more professional rather than constantly complaining

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I hate them ngl

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Best to try and ignore them…

@Bowens hey again

Hello Crystal. What’s new today? Anything?

Nothing really. I’m bored af