Crystal’s help thread

I lowkey want to disappear

Disappearing won’t take away your problems. It’ll just add more

I guess
I’m just done living in the foster home

It’s better than the streets

I want to live with my mom

Apologise and don’t threaten to kill her again

I apologized already

What happened when you tried this?

Tried what?

How are y’all doing?

I’m becoming sure that I faked it again

@Bowens am i a fake

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Faked what exactly?

Psychosis i guess

Did it feel like you were faking it at the time?

I dont remember

Well that seems to indicate you didn’t feel that way specifically so why think you are faking it retrospectively? It doesn’t make any sense

People say you can’t have insight so im confused

Are you saying you had insight before or you think you have insight now?

I had insight before