I don't like food 100%

…but yet im over weight…zyprexa and ssri’s dot.com

I hear you. I barely eat. Yet I’m overweight.

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Im on a strict diet, ice cubes for dinner…lol

help me @san_pedro ;
I can’t live anymore;
Help me please

@Chess24 you won’t always feel that way, Don’t give up on hope…I was told this when I was in despair and it worked…

@san_pedro thank you for your encouragement;
I love you dearly;
If I could just peacefully depart this world…

…but you will feel well again soon…so no dying

I struggled before too, @Chess24 we all did and do suffer…but we are strong …our reward is great for putting up with this…off load every fear or worry here…

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@san_pedro may god bless you;
You are such a kind mate;
You try to encourage me in a very difficult moment for me;
And for that I’m indebted to you.

Yeah same thing happens to me, when I’m depressed I lose my appetite, EXCEPT for comfort food. So ironically even though my appetite is decreased, I end up gaining weight because I start eating really unhealthy food.

Now that I’m out of my episode all the stuff I was eating just seems disgusting to me.

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