Crystal’s help thread #5

I apologize for offending anyone


you didn’t offend me but it’s nice of you to apologize =)

Thank you for apologizing

That’s not the point is it. You’re not here for support, or open to any help

Honestly, I don’t know why these ridiculous threads are allowed to continue

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I am here for support

If you behave the same way in this thread, these threads will no longer be able to continue.

Stop attacking those offering help.

No one ever advises me how to get rid of the fear
Maybe because you cant get rid of it

Ok i will stop im sorry

Your part to play is to take on board advice from people taking the time to try and help you. I am not saying you have to do everything suggested, but at least try it if you think it would help?

I did not like being accused of bullying you, when all I was trying to offer was advice on how to overcome things you clearly find an issue…

If you owe anyone an apology it’s @pixel - and it needs to be more than a one liner in my opinion

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I would try the stuff if I hadn’t tried it before unsuccessfully

That’s like saying I tried to quit smoking and didn’t succeed so I should never try again. Lots of people need many attempts at quitting before they quit successfully, But those who don’t give up are successful

well i guess youre right

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Good morning peeps

Thank you for your support thread. Or are we supposed to give you support? Hope you’re not still in a place, you don’t want to live in.

i am still in a place i dont want to live in : /

That’s really sad. They shouldn’t force someone under age to be in stressful situations.

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Hmm. . .

The Beauty Of Freedom Is That Your Life Belong’s To You And No One Else. Beautiful!.

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Life happens when you least expect it. Just saying…

what does that mean

Just saying that your life trajectory is inherently unpredictable and that you need to learn to love it.