Crystal’s help thread #2

Hello peeps. I’m sleepy

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Hey much peace. Thanks for starting the new thread! We lock things at 1000. Besides sleepy how are you?

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Hello, I’m Doc.

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Hey crystal how are ya?

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I’m okay mostly

Ok ain’t a bad thing. If more my days were ok I’d be happy. Saying that. Most of my days are good. Neither here nor there but not the worst so I’d say that is a win!

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I want to become a mathematician but its looking impossible to me

Mental illness makes us find different roads. I have lived a rich and realized life. It’s different from most but I wish I got dxed early. I wasted years till I was 29 to get dxed…

Your young and you’ve so many good things going for you simply because of that!


Like what things?

Youth is a bonus. You get to live with symptoms under control. You have a leg up in getting treatment and moving forward with life. Meds can suck somewhat but symptoms are worse so your winning there.

Get stabilized and live life. I wasted years trying to live but always was hamstrung by some insidious parnaoia and things like ocd. That really sucked and wasted time…

You have life in front of you and that is good. Work for best function and just enjoy things.


I wish I had more friends bc socializing is hard

Yeah it’s tough but just work on those you meet. Most people like to talk about themselves. Ask questions and see how others work and be supportive. You make friends that way. It’s not easy for most but being kind and just doing things like asking how people are doing and picking up on those things really does help.

I still have friends who I met in highschool and I’m aggressively social so I do ok and that is the simple ways to do it. Be genuine and learn to feel what others feel.

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I still think about whether I have sz or not

It’s 2:20 am here, and I’m wide awake. I’m up for the day.

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Nice! How are you doing?

I’m doing well. I just ate a plate of cashew veggies. It was delicious. I have two kittens in my room right now, and they’re driving me crazy. They keep wanting to chew on these electrical chords in my room. I’m afraid one of them will get electrocuted.

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How to stop choking on meds :frowning:

I can’t stop ruminating of my old doc

My old doc always called me delusional even when I wasn’t :frowning:

@lekkerhondje heya how r u doing