Crystal’s help thread #3

Created a new one because its getting close to 1000 posts


Hello everyone whos awake

@lekkerhondje i hope my meds work soon

@Bowens do u play any games

Not as much as I use to. I can’t get into them like use to anymore. I use to play tons of computer games.

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hey @Crystal-Cotton

i hope same… hopefully your meds work soon.

how is it going?

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Meh is what im feeling

im trying to do math

Will Clozapine help with homicidal ideation @Aziz

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Yes APs and ADs are known to reduce suicide risk. Lithium too. Tell your Dr if you have suicidal thoughts. Off my Risperdal, I get psychotic then I get suicidal.

I see thank you

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Should I ask for another injection in addition to thr Clozapine? Abilify didnt seem to work thats why they added clozapine

Probably best to wait and see how your current med change affects you before you go adding more AP’s in.

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yeah youre right

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How long does it take for the ap to work? @Bowens

Hard to say with any precision. Probably several weeks.

Even though I’m already on the same AP?

Yeah, it takes a couple weeks for it to just build up in your system if I remember correctly. Ap’s take time.

That sucks, would be nice if they worked instantly

Lol. thats true. that would be nice…

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