Crystal’s help thread #5

If you can’t understand this underwhelming point, please say. Good luck!

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Now I understand

That’s a relief

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How much do you get though?!

I dunno lol @Schwann

Just make an effort.

Or at least learn to accept it.


I wish one day I will live alone

Is it normal to fear that people are gonna stab you with a knife?

Wondering if I have sz or not…


I wonder if I have sza or bipolar

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What is the difference?

Do I sound crazy or do I just have OCD?

Not crazy… but maybe ill

Why ill in your mind?

Because your not in your best state of mind. They are delusions. They are making you paranoid.

How can you tell that theyre delusions?

Do you have a legit rationale for why Illuminati is killing people? The Freemasons recruiting you?

Or did it just pop in your head?

I don’t believe in it anymore but yeah it just popped in my head

Because I’ve been through delusions my self

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