Crisis team is coming out today. Am worried I am going to swallow all my pills - can they take them away with them?


Are they allowed to do this. Would make me feel better.

My brain is screaming at me to kill myself.


Do you have voices telling you to kill yourself or is it depression?


Didn’t see ya on this thread @anon35166066. I get suicidal, too. Luckily, there are many comforting people here like @thebest and @chemwex. Reach out…pm someone. I’m half almost awake…gotta officially be up soon to finish breakfast…I’m here now, though…trust me it will pass. Just breathe and focus on say YouTube videos of your favorite team…just hold onto the fact that it will be ok…it will pass, and if need some intervention don’t be afraid to ask for help :hugs:


Thanks @Freedom-of-speech your compassion is great.

@Om_Sadasiva I think it is more stress and depression. Not voices. Just constant intrusive thoughts to kill myself.


Sadly, as many know I have long qts, therefore I can’t take most meds so most likely never will be on a perfect regimen so I have to deal with things “head on” which means those “thoughts” are more the norm than not. Hoevver, I think of my dogs and hubby who need me and how self righteous suicide is. I’ve had failed attempts that really should have been successful, but I’m not and right now I’m here to say that you’re not alone or different or anything negative…you just feel as me and others often do, but you are a likeable person and pains me to see you suffer. Get help if needed but :hugs::heart:️Sent in meantime. Edit remember it’s the MI! You can make it…try focusing on something happy for two minutes, then five, etc. @far_cry0 is having some issues, too. Reach out to each because you bothare good listeners and compassionate. Helping each other helps us in return :hugs:


Do something to distract yourself. Don’t listen to these thoughts


Thanks folks. The team came out and took my meds away, and a metal bracket I was thinking of using to suspend from. They were really nice. They are gonna keep out coming once a day for now to give me my meds.


Sorry you had those thoughts. Lot’s of people would miss you man.


I’m glad you got help. I’m sorry this is happening to you. Like @TheBest said a lot of people would miss you.


that’s good news that they will come every day

and they are monitoring your pills

I’m glad you the step to make sure you got help

get better soon


Love ya dude! Take care🤗


I was going to hang myself one time and they came out and got my noose. So I’m sure they will take your meds. I’ve been thinking about taking all my meds too. Hope you feel better soon. My voices tell me to kill myself too.


Yeah @Sheryl they took my meds and my rig for hanging a noose. I think it is good they do this.


Glad your open to help


Sending the best vibes I can your way @anon35166066


Hope you’re feeling better soon.



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