Could i stop smoking?

could i stop smoking?..

If you really want to you can stop. It is now almost nine years since I quit.

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I had failed because, without knowing it, I really thought it was impossible to quit - until one of my housemates quit. So, it happened right before my eyes and I could see that, yes it is possible to quit. So, then, I did - last October 2.

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I’m on day 2 and am using nicotine gum to help with the cravings…yes, you can quit, but you really really got to want to quit.

My father quit smoking. He promised himself that when his second child is born he is going to quit smoking. And he kept his promise, he doesnt smoke until this day.

I stopped smoking tobacco and so you can too. Today I do not even like tobacco smell when others smoke. You can too, as I know you like to do gambling,and so you will have more money for gambling. Good luck.

You could! It’s not easy but doable. And spending saved money at the end of the month for some treat is pretty nice! I get massages which otherwise I would never have saved the money for… good luck. Ps. Check for some government programs, I used Quit Smoking from NHS. In addition nicotine chewing gum. On the top of that I put a jar in a visible place where I put the money every day which would be spend on cigs. Plus I read some CBT book re quitting smoking. Also avoided any places where people smoked… Almost 6 months clear and no desire to smoke :grinning:

Btw I don’t do any of the above anymore except collection money for a treat…

I stopped on July 3 , 2014. I used to smoke nearly four packs a day. Therefore, now I’m a puff away from four packs a day.


I didn’t know you smoked…

it’s tough… I’m trying to quit again…

it has gotten to the point where its virtually pointless and distasteful… that’s kind of where I was the first time…

then I grew to hate the process… and then I quit…

I smoke for about 30 years. The cigarette relax me. I couldn’t cope without the brainshot every drag gives me. I tried very hard to quit smoking but i can’t succeed. Maybe god don’t want me to quit this addiction. The cigarette is the only bad thing about me. I enjoy my life.

Everyone can stop smoking, but not everyone does stop smoking. Your choice, man.