Stopping smoking Friday

I have tried before in recent months to stop smoking, and I am going to stop smoking again this Friday. I’ve been semi coaching another sz friend that has stopped smoking and she is 4 days quit now…she went through hell the first few days, and I know now that’s what it’s going to take…I am fully prepared with a list of reasons why I smoke, reasons why I want to stop, etc. So I would just like to ask others on the board what they did to successfully stop smoking?


The patch works great you can maybe getting it from you state gov. Thats what the huge tax we pay for smoking is suppose to pay for. Once you quit never smoke just one cigarette just for the heck of it. Thats what got me and know I got to quit again.

I’ve quit smoking with Zyban 7years ago. The first four months was hell but after that it was plain sailing. I wish you all the best. Just hang in there…it can be done. Just stick to your list of reasons to quit. I also had a list like that and it helped me a lot.

i stopped by using the nicotine patch as well,

i would put it on for the day and then take it off the next day but it would leave a little red mark but it wasnt that bad, i just changed where i put it until the red mark went away and then i could use that area again, the red mark usually only took a few days to go away.

it was pretty easy for me to stop as i had tried before and had stopped for 6 months before and i had been trying for ages, i looked up the ingredients of cigs and it was horrible all the chemicals that were in there including arsenic

the good things about stopping are the taste buds come back with avengence like after a while you’ll taste something and your mouth will tingle with the taste of something really good, your sense of smell will get better but you’ll be able to smell a lot more bad smells as well as god smells, you wont be coughing as much and also i think i have saved 1000’s of pounds as i was £35 a week on cigs and the price of cigs has gone up here i think as well so maybe more than i think.

havent stopped, but you could try electric smoking?
I wish you all the best and goodluck, with stopping.

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I used to be a big chain smoker - I decided to quit cold turkey one day. No nicotine replacements. Just a lot of water and kept my mind on other things ( keeping busy)

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I remember you telling me that and every time I try and my head starts with the bowling headache I cave and reach.

I am in awe of your strength to just tell your mind… This is the last one, and make it the last one.

I’ll get there. I will quit. Right now I’m back down to three a day.

Thanks everybody, I have two weeks worth of 21 mg nicotine patches and plan on using them tomorrow…I don’t think I could do it cold turkey I’ve failed twice this year before even using the patch…congratulations to all who have stopped smoking !

@jukebox Hi Jukebox, I think nicotine patches are also good really. Anything to help you reach that goal.
@SurprisedJ Hey J, 3 cigs a day is a major feat - good for you

Good Luck with staying off the cigarettes. It will do you th eworld of good. My health has improved since I GAVE THEM UP. Also I feel better, and more energetic. Also have more money in my pocket.

Keep it up.

That’s how I gave up a bad habit.
Distracted myself every time I thought about it.
That and just told myself no more…no more…nope, no more.

Congratulations on taking this step jukebox, life will be much happier when you trade your money for something you like, and get to keep, instead of it all going up in smoke, and nothing to show for it.

Thank you csummersx…I did it ! Day One is just about over and I didn’t smoke one cigarette…!! I kept reminding myself when I wanted a ciggie that I get upset when I buy a carton and then have to smoke ALLL those packs before I can try to stop smoking again…worked for me anyways…I feel hopeful again…not depressed today at all…I think you really, really have to want to stop smoking if you’re going to do it successfully…I was just ready to stop…


That’s great news Michael! Congratulations :grinning:
If you can do it for one day, you can tell those smokes they arn’t going to burn a hole in your wallet no more.
Sing them cigs a sad note of no longer being wanted, and the happiness the extra money will bring for other goodies you love.
Start your list of all those neat things you’re going to buy instead.
Keep up the good work.

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haha thank you csummersx, I have been “window shopping” online…the only thing I really want to treat myself to on pay day is “Repo Man Soundtrack” and a C3PO action figure…I want to enjoy the rest of the $250 dollars eating at restaurants and maybe buying some paints for painting at home with my art work…but that’s a major difference right there isn’t it? WOW