Contraceptive pill


I saw a short documentary about contraceptive pill induce depression.
Girls, anyone considered stop taking contraceptive pill?
I’ll ask this to my doc, but want to know your opinion.


never heard that before

but I believe when I was on it

I was also taking Wellbutrin too.


It helps my lows by evening out hormones


I have an IUD. For the first six months after getting it, I had horrible mood swings. Now, I feel level. If you suspect your contraceptive pill is giving you depression, talk to your OBGYN about alternative forms of birth control. The copper IUD has zero hormones and can stay in up to twelve years without being replaced. I use the Skyla IUD, which has progestin and can be used for three years. There are also shots, implants, the Nuva ring, progesterone-only pills, and a patch. I might be forgetting a few. The point is, you have options.


oh God, no!

my daughter tried some of those options

and she was a wreck, lost her period, couldn’t sleep or stop crying

and just felt overall like ■■■■.

It’s sad in today’s age that we can’t get good birth control

without going through hell over it.


Condoms girl… Are the best… I don’t understood why guys need to be “natural” and women let them with the chance of a STD or pregnancy…

Control your urged FFS… I’m getting mad


I stopped taking them for this reason. I feel better without them.


Birth control isn’t just for preventing pregnancy.
It can also be used to help relieve hormonal imbalances, or lessen discomfort for women who have troublesome periods.


condom is good for brief encounter

the pill is good for long term relationship

I wished they’d bring back the sponge

my kids dad and I used that all the time

he said it kind of hurt him a little bit

and we were inconsistent, alas, Alec and Beth.


I’m on a birth control that has you on period once every three months. It is a vital part of my med regimen. I have horrible mood swings when on the rag. My bc makes it so once every three month do I have to deal with that mofo. Also, it aids in helping with moody hormones. I get why you say condoms @Crocodal, but my bc is a complete and total life saver! Edit I agree @nova


I was on birth control only because I had painful ovarian cysts, but then they were not working because the Lamictal was interfering with its absorption. I started having continuous bleeding and they found out I had polyps and pre -cancerous cells, so I had to have a hysterectomy. The bc did do a good job of dealing with the cysts. My hormones were all crazy after I went off of it.


The sponge is available again.