News Article: Does the contraceptive pill cause depression?

I tried it and I was fine- no depression…

From dating women heading to the progression of birth control in our relationship. Come across it heaps on the net also. Seem to reduce symptoms flaring in most of the mental disorders in women during their monthly cycle. My experience is limited to depression, Bipolar, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder and being a mere male. Doesn’t seem to be all the birth control pills that help but seems the consensus among many. Are a few posts in the archives regarding sz and how the pill has helped on the site.

controls my acne. I take it just for that reason. I am not even sexually active…my depression waxes and wanes…does not seem to be affected by the pill at all.

My birth control makes me have more hallucinations and mood swings. Still beats using condoms, though!

My birth control never made me depressed. I got it originally to control heavy periods and it actually made me happier because my quality of life improved so dramatically

Why are you on this thread?

Sorry I was under the impression it was a public forum.

My pdoix put me on it because he knows the researcher who studies oestrogen for sz in women.

Let me tell you it made me depressed and a bit psychotic. Was horrible!