I don't want to 🙁

Im scared of all of the horror stories I read about mirena. I don’t want the coil. I’m scared to gain more weight… Am I being selfish?

Would being on the pill not work? Or the injection?

The psychiatrist said the pill interacts with the meds making it less effective. :flushed:

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After reading into the coil thing I don’t want to. My periods are regular I don’t want to mess those up or they stop or I develop acne and gain weight I don’t want it.

Yes @anon80629714, the Tegretol would make the pill less effective.

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Ugh I know. And they say cs aren’t the best option :flushed:

I’ll just abstain it will be more beneficial :disappointed:

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What is CS? 15151515

Condoms …

Yes I read a lot of horror stories about iuds I dont have mirena but another brand one. Its wasn’t that bad at all. A little uncomfortable when its put in though.

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Can I ask what brand please ? I got suggested a copper one but can cause heavy bleeding so they said mirena. I’m worried it will mess up my periods that come like clockwork.

There are IUD’s that aren’t hormonal and they work. I have tried IUD and contraceptive pills. The IUD hurts and contraceptive pills made me feel more depressed. So I decided to remove the IUD, I got off contraceptive pills and now I use condoms.

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I use condoms but the GP said it’s pointless and nwo I am scared … :confused:

What do you mean it’s pointless? It keeps you from getting pregnant, does it not? Unless the condom breaks, but there are a number of safety precautions you can take to vastly reduce this risk, like using lubrication, using a water based lubricant instead of oil based and making sure the condoms are properly stored
I actually just googled it, and it said that “perfect condom use has a 98 percent success rate at preventing pregnancy”

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Condoms are very effective at preventing diseases and pregnancies.

I don’t think abstinence is a viable option.
Thet teach is to a bunch of christian kids and someone always ends up pregnant regardless.
When it itches, scratch it.

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