Why I don't like hormonal contraception

Increases risk of cancer and stroke.

I have pulsate tinnitus so I already am concerned for my vascular wellbeing.

Apparently it also can lead to hair loss.

I know someone on the pill and she is indeed losing hair.

Plus it’s medication. No one really knows all the things medication can be doing. Especially long term usage of a medicine

I’ll stick to condoms, Thankyou


I was thinking of getting a coil fitted and I even went to get it done but they found it hard to fit so I had to wait for my period but then I didn’t go … think it must be shut now… im quite fearful of the side effects

I dont like it either. I indeed think they have too little of a clue what it does longterm. It also made me feel bad - loss of libido, loss of joy.

The birth control pill was awesome for me, got rid of my terrible cramps, cleared up my skin, and made my period regular. All other hormonal methods of BC i tried were terrible. The shot made me get intense PMS where I was like murderously angry towards my bf for a week out of every month. The IUD seemed to permanently mess up my metabolism. I gained 60 lbs on it and lost a ton of hair, and even after getting it taken out weight gain seems to be my new default state unless I strictly monitor my intake.

That’s one of the reasons I’m scared ro get an iud did you get the copper one

Yeah I got the hormonal one out and got the copper one. The only issue I have with it is I bleed like 3/4 weeks of the month :confused: i have like a light period that I call my “fake period” for 2 weeks and then a few days of heavy actual period.

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Do you feel copper one makes you gain to?

I have my own theories why I don’t like the copper one :s I won’t mention it here it’s maybe bizarre enough to be embarrassing to mention.

But one other thing I can say I worry about is it poking my insides

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It sounds from some reviews that it can be painful for a time …

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Mmmm I guess it could be the reason why i am still gaining weight? But that wouldn’t make any sense copper does not make you gain weight.

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My theory could be wrong but I just stress about what if.

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I feel if you not comfortable with it… im not either… its inportanr to discuss other options like the thing they put into your arm?

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My friend takes it for PCOS and I thought about going on it for my PCOS.

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I don’t like any hormonal contraception things it’s all based on the same kind of medicine those hormonal things…

I was personally thinking of just using condoms and then depending on how much I trust the guy have days without protection during the infertile period. But I’m not sure about that bit yet

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I was told the same thing by my GP.

My friend instead uses something else now. Do you also have PCOS?

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Yes I have pcos too ugh… Life lol

yeah life is weird lol

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Idk it might be OK for others but it’s defo not for me lol… Maybe have a read online about side effects and see what you think?

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Yeah I’m bit sceptical myself but its not too much an issue barely have sex… but i may look into it more in future

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